- Red converse
- Boots from
- shine trough blouse
- Black jeans
- High waisted shorts
- Suede dress
- Faux fur coat
- Maxi dress and skirt
- Chino trousers
- Dark blue suede/ leather jacket
- Leather coloured clutch

I probably forgot a lot but this is an idea of what's in my mind at the moment

Just another thursday

Hey hey!
When I woke up this morning I didn't see any sun and it wasn't light outside, no they were lots of clouds and rain, not part of my plan. I hate this when it's finally turning spring and then the bad weather comes back, argh!! But how are you? I'm fine but I'm really tired and stuff so today went really slow. Tonight I have hockey, don't think I will be that active.. But it's almost weekend, time to rest!:) Do you have any plans for weekend?

Look what I got from an old friend, pictures of when I was 8!

Flower blouse

Top - Vero Moda
Jeans - United Colours of Benetton
Neclace - Forever 21
Watch - Guess


Remember when it was summer...

Going for dinner, again!

Hello beauties,
here I am again. How are you? How is the weather over there? Here it's raining and I only see clouds.. I hate this!! I'm going out for dinner again so bye bye, have a wonderful day!!

Not so sunny

Blouse - River Island
Dress - H&M
Legging - H&M
Boots - Sendra

I'm going to school now but I hope you all have a lovely day. Did you slept nice? See you at 16 00


Sweet dreams!

Just got home from my family dinner and it was great. Talked by with my aunt and grandma and saturday I have a meeting again with her and my sister, we're going to the movie. The food was delicious, haven't eaten that good in a long time! My grandma really enjoyed it, which is the nicest part. I love grandma, have a nice sleep, xoxo

Grandma day

Hello butterflies!
How are you?! I feel so cool in this shirt haha, it's just that it sits so comfy and I really like it. That's the base for an outfit, right? Today it's my grandma her birthday so we're going out eating tonight, mmm really looking forward to it. Just with the whole family a nice dinner. And something I like too that my jeans suddenly fit again, haha. I wanted to throw them away because last them I didn't fit in anymore but I tried this morning and it fits! I'm so happy right now so I'm just drinking water, hoping to see it on my body:). What are you all up to?


Tiger shirt - Dept
Jeans - United Colours Of Benneton
Boots - Sendra
Watch - Guess
Earrings - H&M


Olsen outfit

This outfit of Mary-Kate/ Ashley is so nice. Normally I don't really like their clothing style because it's so old-fashioned though so stylish but this is just perfect. Everything is good styled(like always) but she actually lookes like she likes it. Well okay not really haha. What do you think of this outfit?

My outfit

Dress - H&M
Cardigan - Primark
Legging - H&M
Bag - Local Drugstore(yeah really)
Necklace _ random
Watch - Guess


Just came home from school but actually I feel really good. It was a long day though but the sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and got some nice points back. Now enjoying my citron tea which tastes delicious, never had this before but will take this more often,:). How are you all? See you later girls, xoxo


Inspired by Blake


From now of on all my polyvore sets can be seen on my blog, hope you like it my loves!

Happy sunday

Hello sunshines! How are you? Is the sun shining? Here in Holland it is and totally love it. It's only 14 degrees but feels like a lot more. Woke up early this morning because of the diffrent time table(I hate that!). Went to my sister's hockeymatch with my daddy and now making some homework and I'm going to relax in the sun. Have to keep my tan! And what are you up to today?


Polyvore #2

Thing I made on polyvore
Trousers - CĂ©line
Blazer - Acne
Heels - Louboutin
Clutch - Alexander Wang
Ring - Yves saint laurent
sunglasses - Ray Ban


Something I made today on polyvore
Blazer - River Island
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Boots - Acne
Bag - Mulberry
Watch - Michael Kors

Unexpected way..

Well, I'm already at home! Didn't think it would be that quick of a visit but my dad wanted to go home. A good thing is that she's celebrating her birthday again with a big party with all of her friends so looking forward to that. I'm so stuffed of the Chinese food so I'm just sitting with my laptop in front of the tv. And the clock is going an hour forward, argh totally hate that! It means that I have to get up earlier monday for school..:( 
How was your day?

Saturday party outfit

While you're (hopefully) reading this I'm at my friends sweet sixteen party! I'm wearing my levis jeans with a white tanktop and a black blazer and my leather all stars. Also wearing my new necklace from gran Canaria and my new clutch. Really simple but classy, I think. I hope you all have a crazy/ fun/ amazing saturday night!


Did you had a nice sleep? Or maybe you're still sleeping. I'm already up preparing for my hockey game, so so early. When I'm home we'll see each other again, have a lovely saturday  morning!



These pictures are such an inspiration for me

Guns n Roses

Friday, weekend!

hello again!
Slept nice? I did, when I touched my bed I fell a sleep, immediately, haha. I need to learn to go to bed earlier because I'm so tired and that's not a good base for the weekend I think! Today seemed like it took forever, school was boring(as always) and my last two hours were killing. It was gym and it was so hot that I took off my rings as soon as I came home.. I'm going to relax and just sit outside in the sun because the weather is amazing. After that a game of hockey and then going to sleep because tomorrow  I have to get up early. And what are you planning for your weekend?


Sun shining on my head

Hello bloggers!
What a perfect day it was, sun shining and a short day of school(is always nice). Spent the day with my friend and as always just made homework and relaxed, in the sun! Had a lovely lunch and just had dinner which was so nice. Her mother cookes like crazy, so awesome. Tomorrow it's weekend and just going to relax, think I deserve that, haha. Going to relax a bit more and then we will see each other soon, xoxo

Eating noodles is so much fun