I can't describe how happy I am right now. 10,000 views, I can't believe it.. I'm just one of a dozen of fashionblogs and that you like my blog and leave comments and be on it means so much.
I really really liking it! It gives me the motivation to keep going and I know why I'm doing it. It's my passion to write and if I can make my job out of it that would be so amazing.
I know I'm overdoing it right now, but guys thank you so much!!!

PS.  I want a new banner, someone can help me with that?


Today my testweek is starting and I'm so nervous.. Normally I can relax in my holidays and don't think about school. AT ALL! But yeah school has decided to start the testweek right after the holidays, don't know why, wanna break the fun?
Well, the point is, I'm so fricking nervous and I'm hoping it will go by quickly and especially that my learning will be appreciated by good grades!
Are you also nervous when you have testweek?


Outfit inspiration

Journal of last week(s)

I like vintage!

Some delicious raspberry pie and hot chocolate 

D'accord , new top by Monki

My First letter written in peanut butter...

New book!

Studding my levi's


New buy <3

Palazzo Amsterdam!!

Mum made me breakfast

Love my cracking nail polish


New Nelly Boots

I've been hesitating a lot about the question if I should wear heals or not. My height (183 cm) is a very doubtful matter for me, I hate it and can't stand it to say gentle. I know I can't do anything about it and that I can't get any shorter but still it annoys me.
My parents are totally ok with me wearing heels and they also said to me: ' just enjoy your length, lots of people would kill for it'.
Yeah that's true, but damn I hate it... Have cleared my mind and ordered these 13,5 cm high heels, so just going to walk over everybody haha!
Like them very much because they're a bit like the ones from Jeffrey Campbell, only in my price class!

Shoes on my wishlist:


Levi's high waisted shorts

You guys know how long I've been longing for these shorts, and yeah finally got them! Walked into the Episode in Amsterdam last monday and finally found my loves. Also been studding them a bit, cuz I got these studds from my friends and yeah I want orginal shorts, hihi.
They were 19,50 at the episode and they're high waisted vintage levi's shorts!

Love my friend


Living in a fantasy world

I'm so tired and my back hurts like hell, so just time for me to lay down on the coach with a blancet and with the tv on, have a good evening


Wishlist at the moment

  • YSL ring
  • White all stars
  • Sancho boots
  • High waisted shorts
  • Black jeans
  • Leather pants
  • High heels
  • Dr martens
  • Oversized knitted vest
Random thoughts!
What's your wishlist?

Dream away, let the spirit fluid into you

Just some random picture shooting at my friend's new house in progress. The rest will come up later,



Pictures of last week

When the weather was like summer

Dinner at mum's friend in the garden house

No talking haha

Weird bracelet made 

Hard Rock Cafe Tshirt Chicago

Bunch of new jumpers :)

New hat 

Me and D before the movies

My new uggs <3

Feather extension