Have been ordered, so I'm waiting full of joy! Really hope they fit my imagination :)


Stockholm streetsyle inspi

Some pictures of the holiday, part 1

This was all the first day, when we arrived in Saalbach, HInterglemm!!

Eiffel tower, dreams come true

Feeling so extremely good after my skiing trip! An update will come up soon :) XOXO
Top, Forever 21 - Jeans, h&m - rings, six and random - watch, guess - ear cuff, h&m - boots, out of NYC<3 - belt, jack & jones



Came back from my vacation early this morning and I'm so tired. Don't want to sleep although I'm super tired, because otherwise I can't sleep tonight. I'm watching vids and this is another video I really like of Zac Efron and this time with Taylor Swift.
Zac looks so cute in the video. This is the first time I don't see him as a perfect man... Still so handsome!!

Akward moment for Zac

Haha I think it is very funny and not even that bad. The good thing is that he does it safely and doesn't has any diseases, right? Still love him :)



I'm packing the last things and preparing the last things and then I'm going to Austria. Hope you all have a lovely week, no matter what you're doing. Maybe school, maybe holidays but enjoy it.
Lots of love and hugs and kisses and we'll see eachother soon!!!


My 2 fav' cities in the world

Two amazing cities who made such an impact on me. Both cities I visited over 2 years ago which is way too long, but can't wait to go there again. New York is my dream city, the city I want to live when I'm older, the city where I want to study. London is just so... incredible. I forgot to mention PARIS, but I couldn't find a good picture of this city made by myself. 
All these cities make me feel so luxurious and rich. Like I am the happiest and wealthiest person on the planet. What are your favourites cities? I really wonder!
Of course I didn't visit the whole world, but this is atm.

all pictures taken by me and owned by me


I've got a new header, not forever but just a temporary header. I didn't like the white empty space and yesterday I took this photo and I liked it a lot suprisingly. 
Tell me your opinion! XOXO

Den haag, pictures

My favourite pose lately, I guess..

Me and Jessie, just arrived in Den Haag

Entering ' Binnehof ' where the parlement decides how Holland has to be ruled

Oldest friend Pellie hihi. Not in age by the way

Me and one of my best friends, Kichy

Here we sat almost the whole day, at the Mcdonalds.... haha

The ending of a very weird and exhausting day. We were all very tired...

New ear cuff!

A very posed foto I know, but my friend made it and liked it this way ghehe... So my new ear cuff is from h&m and it's gold (as you can see) doh. It was 5 euros and I really like it, cuz I only had a silver one and that one is with a cross, so this one is a lot easier to combine!


Wednesday already, almost going skiing!

Hello beautifuls!

Today I'm going to Den Haag with school, we're going to a museum and shit, but the bus trip will be fun with my friends. I'm going to take my camera with me so I'll probably shoot some outfit pictures!
I hope your day will be pleasent too and that you're not going to be home around 6 o'clock.. Damn.


My 2 favourite songs atm, by rihanna ft. coldplay and a song by florida 



Day of love, day of the loved ones, be gentle etc. All kinds of things people say when it's valentinesday, but for me it's just a reminder that my beloved ones are the ones I have to keep close. Not buying presents, just me and mum tonight watching a movie. Those little things can be good too <3

Much love for all my readers and I wonder one thing: what's your planning for valentines day?



Congrats to Kenza!

After a couple days of voting the Bloglovin' awards took place on sunday. I've been voting every day for my favourites and a lot of them won. Andy with Werelse, but who I think most deserved it: Kenza!
I told you before that I love her blog, mostly because it's so spontanous (maybe it isn't, but I think it is).  I think it's well deserved and in the video she show again how nice she is. Yeah she's my fav' blog and she totally deserved this.
AND yeah I'm jealous of her amazing Christian Louboutin's.....

The link to the video of the night: Video



It's the damn weekend again! No more school and just chilling for 2 days. I am planning to relax to the fullest and really enjoy it. Tonight starting it with my friend Stephanie. We're going to the city and we'll be there the whole midday/ night. More friends will come and will be fun and cosy as always!
Just drove 45 minutes on her scooter to her home and we were totally frozen brr. Now just cleaning ourselves up, doing the hair, putting on make-up and of course the most difficult thing: decide what we're gonna wear. I think I'm just wearing a cute black top with my red blazer above.
Have a nice friday! XOXO

Me and Stephanie last summer at some random cafee. Damn we had some fun that couple of days...



Wearing velvet again, because it's just very chic and comfortable. It's a little short so I put a black pants beneath and spiced it up with lots of silver rings and red lips. Further I kept it simple, no more jewellery and nothing special on my face(make-up etc). Otherwise I would look like a christmas three and that's never a positve point, haha!
|| dress, ?? || pants, miss sixty || plain rings, random || bracelet + ring, h&m ||

Levres rouges

Hey hey!
Just got home from school (3 lessons..) and now waiting for a friend. Mum was supposed to be away tonight, but she is ill now so probably isn't going away. Still, my friend is going to have dinner with me. Pasta carbonara mmm! Anyone some good recipies for the dish?
Today I had beautiful red lips thanks to my favourite red lipstick from Rimmel. Will show you my dress later! 


Goodmorning blog,

what a chilly day, again. Well it's not even chilly anymore, it's freezing cold. Minus 10, minus 3..
I'm so tired and I feel sick. I have a sore throat and I have a cold. Always with this weather, haha. Are you feeling well today?
I'm going to school now, but only have 3 lessons which is ridiculous. Of course it's nice, but to bike in this cold for 3 hours of lesson? Such shit.
Talk to you later, KISS

I'm not into Vans at all, but these one beneath are just so darn cute. Anyone a clue where this could be bought?