C U soon my darlings!

Now it's time for me to pack the latest things, movies and other things. Probably will be busy a lot these 3 hours but it's so worth it.
I hope I have wifi there or an internet cafe, so I can keep you updated about Spain.
Lots of love from me!!

Harper 7

David Beckham and Victoria got a little baby girl called Harper 7. I don't know why they called her Harper 7 but there's probably a reason for that (i think..). There aren't real pics jet but these two were posted by the beckhams on facebook:

How cute... That girl will have a beautiful life I think with those parents who are very rich but I think most important very lovable(is that even a word) to their children. I'm really looking forward to some other pics:)


Woke up early and slept so bad. I think it will be sleeping in the car.. Also taking some dvd's with us and we have those awesome dvd players in the car, any suggestions for movies?
I'm going to do some holiday beauty shoppping with Suzanne and then just some random things, like packing books! I love to read on holidays, so relaxing and the feeling of reading rests me.
I'm wearing my butterfly sleeved top from F21 with a levi's jeans and my new havaianas. Nothing special but perfect for a long car trip!


Tomorrow leaving Holland, finally!

I can't wait for tomorrow... Tomorrow I'm finally leaving to Spain! I'm so thrilled about it because I was really looking forward to it. 2 weeks of sun, beach and sea with my best friend Suzanne. Also a bit of shopping will be necessary, otherwise I'll probably don't survive,:). At 3 in the midday I'm leaving, mmm.
Are you going on holiday this summer?
Tell me:)
Going to sleep soon because I want to be totally rested!

The first time Suzanne was going with me on holidays, then we went to Rosas:) Such a long time ago, the time literally flew by!

2 new pairs of Havaianas!


Papi is back from Brazil so just had a lovely lunch and got a little present what I'll show you later! Now we'll walk with the dog, xoxo
Top - Random
Skirt - Action
Legging - H&M
Vest - H&M
Sandals - Bali
Earrings - Six
Watch - Guess
Necklace - Primark


Disney girl turned into tattoo girl?

Demi Lovato is what I'm talking about! I know how much I loved Camp Rock when it came out, even though most parts were very fake.
I was suprised about how many disney actors had a purity ring or -necklace or something like that. It looked like they had to have that otherwise no disney contract (i doubt that Miley Cyrus haven't had sex jet and c'mon why wouldn't she have it. It's part of your damn teenage years and it's supposed to be part of your love life).
I was watching the new song of Demi Lovato called skyscraper which is an amazing and beautiful song. Demi looks amazing, like she never was in rehab which is also a strange story for me.. But I saw 2 tattoos on her hand and I was so suprised! She has still a contract with Disney I thought but well...
I like the tattoos, because I never expected Demi to have them. She once told that she wouldn't kiss a boy in a movie if he wasn't her boyfriend, but was that also a Disney trick?
Tell me what you think of tattoos and if you like hers!

And her new song:


The whole day I have to babysit on 4 boys! I do not have the time to post something and I'm sorry but I'll probably do it tonight.
Have a lovely day:)


Marly & Me

Just watched that incredibly cute and also sad movie (at the end) with my mother and sister for the second time. Then I remember how much I love my dog and that there will probably be a black hole in my heart when she dies. She's already 11 so I don't know what to expect.. I don't want to expect anything I think. It's hard to think about death and it doesn't matter if it's about a dog's death. My dog is part of my family and even though my family has split apart my dog has always been here. Seeing my father leave, my sister and brother.
Funny how a movie can make you think that badly..

Something quick

I don't have much time cuz my sister is wining and she annoys me so just go down stairs quickly...
Corset - Blanco
Blouse - River Island
Pants - Miss sixty
Bracelets - Random
Ring - Random
Watch - Guess
Earrings - ??

French manicure

Beautiful... And didn't pay for it, my friend made it. She's amazing!


Movie day!

Because of the really weird, turbelent weather I planned a movie day with my friend Josje. Just watching movies all day: Pirates of the Caribean 1, 2 and 3, the girl next door, camp rock 2, transformers etc.
I hate the weather here so why not make something fun out of it?
Do you also have movie days with your friends?

We'll talk soon,
Me and my friend Josje last winter :)

It all ends

So yesterday I went to Harry Potter and the dealthy hallows part 2... Damn what a good movie! It was in 3D so I was wearing those 3D glasses, which were extremely fun. My mother already had them on before the movie, she looked ridiculous, but who cares?
I've never thought I would have liked the movie so badly, but I do. Because it was in 3D it made it even more scarier..
Seriously if you love HP go to this movie (I bet if you love HP you already went, maybe even to the premier...).
I'm kinda going to miss it, because it has been a part of my youth. I never even read a HP book but I think now is the time to do that.
What do you think about HP and about the movie?
Love it<3


Outfit for Harry Potter!

Will leave to HP 7 part II in 15 minutes, I'm so excited!! I really don't know what to expect, but won't tell anything about the movie itself because you have to see it yourself.
Just a simple outfit and will wear my leather all stars with it, simple chic.
I got inspired by an outfit of Kenza, which is also really simple but she pimped it up with a really nice scarf!
Top - Zara
Vest - Primark
Pants - Miss sixty
Necklace - Gran Canaria
Watch - Guess
Rings - Random and H&M
Bracelets - Nomination and one from China
The inspirational picture of Kenza:

Pj party

I'm in my pj's at least until 12.30 and guess what? While I'm writing this I'm still in my pj's and it's almost 4 o'clock. Just cleaned my whole room, so I feel damn dirty. Think it's time for a long, hot shower and afterwards watch The Vampire Diaries (I started to watch it today and I already love it, new obsession? YES!). Tonight it will be Harry Potter 7 part 2 with mum, I'm so excited! 
Piggie pyjama

I love shopping..

Yesterday I was in the city with mum, not because we wanted to shop but just look around and maybe if we saw something nice we would buy it. The neon yellow shirt I saw before but now 70% off so I needed to have it! It was only 7 euros and 50 cents so that's an amazing deal. The colour is much more yellow(!!) than in the picture, but so lovely for on the beach or with a belt...
I got this jumpsuit for 10 euros at hunkermöller. I wanted a jumpsuit and now I got one for such a good price and it sits amazing!
Also got myself a new cd of Kane, which concert I've been to last may.
Ah, I love shopping....

Hot or not?

Hot or not, that's the question! I love leighton, I think she's super beautiful, has an amazing personality and her singing and acting skills are great. But do I like the new haircut? Yes, I do! It looks like she's wearing a wig, but she isn't. Her face looks even more prettier because of the pony. I think I like the old look better, because she looks more wild than she looks now. But she can have it both! What do you think?:)


Chillin' on my couch

Home alone so just eating on the couch while watching Glee! I bust myself every time that I'm smiling about something that happens, damn I love that show. I've missed it lately so have been watching it again today. Awesome, awesome! Only not so nice that Rachel, Finn and Kurt are going out the show after season 3, a bit disappointning:(..
Now going to watch Glee further, have an awesome night!

Daily outfit

I actually just got dressed, after watching episodes of glee and pretty little liars all morning. Woke up early but didn't feel like doing anything, hehe. The weather is beautiful so think I'm going to chill outside or at least stay away from my laptop. So weird how the weather changes, yesterday the sky fell down of the rain and now the sky is super blue!
Blouse - Primark
White top - Sting
Jeans - Levi's
Sandals - Primark
Bracelets - Random
Rings - Vintage and F21
Watch - Guess
Belt - Primark
Headband - Spain