These boots are made for... well just for everything!

Late summer

Weather is so strange lately. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and the temperature is aroudn 24 degrees. I love it, though.
Totally the time to wear my summer clothing again, because summer here in Holland was really shitty, as in most of the countries in Europe.
Dress is from Topshop and my new beloved boots are from O'Moda


New stuff

Picked up a few stuff, I just needed to buy something!! Do you regonize that feeling?!

Hairclip from Zenner

Basic black dress from hema

Gel liner from Essence, Kruidvat

Ring from H&M

Earrings from hema

Top from H&M on sale

Blue suede jacket

I love my jacket <3
Jacket - Arma
Dress - Zara
Legging - H&M
Boots - Dr. Adams
Earrings - Sister's
Leg warmers - America Today


My favourites of H&M campaigns at the moment

Looking on the site of H&M a few pieces got my attention. I was only specifically looking at the campaigns, but it's so nice. So much variety and for everyone's will there's something.

source: h&m


Only wednesday..

Damn still 2 days before the weekend, and I'm already so longing for it. I have the most painful back pain together with a very painful head ache. Tomorrow I'm going to the doctor, she's going to analyze me because maybe there's something wrong.. I hope not ofcourse but this pain, I can't stand it any longer!
So I'm not feeling that wel which you can see on my clothing choice. A bit simple but hey it's a post right? And I told you I'll be posting more!
Flower top - Vero Moda
Military jacket - Den Haag
Jeans - Levi's
Ugg australia boots
Guess watch
Heart Necklace - Lucardi


Old friends, old habits

School is so hectic and it's so hard to deal with everything. Lots of hockey, homework (which is incredibly tough) and dealing with my own social life. I've been going out on saturday a lot lately which makes me soo tired. It always gets around 3 o'clock that I'm finally in my bed and not even sleeping yet. Think I'm going to make this saturday night really peaceful and quiet. But it's only monday night, pfoe.
Do you reconize it, you keep saying to yourself that you'll stop a certain habit but when it comes to stopping you bust yourself of doing it again? Just a concrete statement.. Have to keep up with stopping, do you have any tips?

Last schoolparty, the end of the year

Keep playing like life is easy

Emmy Awards 2011

I was looking at some pictures of the Emmy Awards and my eye fell on Nina first(of course the name too). Her dress.. Love it! She's just stunning..

OOTD: Black

Yes, I know it's been a while but here's an outfit of the day post! When I woke up this morning I was so shocked by the weather: fog and so so cold..
So yeah what I thought? A sweather and thick thights and my beloved ugg australia boots, damn love them when it's weather like this:)
Sweather - Bijenkorf
Legging - H&M
Ugg australia boots
Watch - Guess



Today it's exactly 10 years ago, which feels so weird. How could this ever happen.. I was only 5 when it happened but I realised that there was something bad going on. Bless the people who've made it and rest in peace for the people who didn't survive this awful incident..


Inspirational pictures

Normally I'd post an outfit of the day, but because I was home around 5 o'clock and I'm wearing nothing special I thought it was time again for the inspirational pictures.
Let me know what your inspiration is in life!

With lots of love, me