Ready 4 the night

Just dressed and all set for tonight. So weird how fast the time goes, I can't describe how weird it feels to me.

We're gonna rock the night <3

Everyone is beautiful in their own way :)

My new years intents.. I really don't know. Maybe be nicer to my mum, work harder on school, don't be so agressive or just go with the flow. I think new years intents suck. It's easy to say what you want to change next year, but almost no one completes doing it. I think I'm just going to improve myself. No new years intents, just a relaxter and nicer me.
Do you have any new years intents?


Tiana-May Carter

Beyonce delivered a healthy baby girl called Tiana-May Carter!
Congratulations Queen Bee and Jay-z!

I'm so bad in that

I'm so bad in keeping my blog updated..
Yesterday evening me and my friend Josje went to some bars with my sister and it was total fun but we were home around 4 o'clock and went to bed around half past 4.. Josje had to go around 8 o'clock so she slept barely. I, fortunately, could sleep further. Yes I did. I woke up at 2 o'clock.........
My sister and I planned a night in Leiden, firstly eating my favourite food and then to the movies. We still did that but in such a rush!!

We went to the movie 'New years eve' and it was so funny. There were a lot of really fun and nice characters like Aston Kutcher, Hilary Swank, Jessica Biel, ZAC EFRON, Michelle Pfeiffer etc..
Now I'm off to bed, because tomorrow it's FRICKING 2012 !!!! 

ps. what are your plans for tomorrow night??


Little hearts

Lovely day inside the house! Just me in my little hearted bath robe which I got from my sister. So comfy and the material is so fluffy. Gonna shower soon and put on some descent clothing, because my friend is coming over and maybe we have plans.. Haha
Outfit of the day will come up later, I think :)

My mostly used make-up products

Picture 1: Eye products
Pulse perfection mascara from maybelline
Mac eyeshadow in colour woodwinked
Biocura beauty eyeshadow, used as browpowder
Hema pencil used for the brows
Essence of Beauty brush for eye shadow
Fancy brush to comb my browes

Picture 2: Facial products
Red blush by a brand I don't know
Essence bronzer
Essence mosaic powder
Brightening concealer by Etos
Essence of Beauty powder- and blushbrush

Lookbook inspiration, Juliett Kuczynska

Lookbook is the perfect website to look at new fashion trends and get inspiration from people their looks. A lot of bloggers I follow are also on lookbook, because it's super easy and people from all over the world can 'hype' your look. 
Sometimes you come across a person who's style is just so amazing that you want to share it. Juliett Kuczynska, from the blog madamejulietta, is a girl who's style I really like.
Her style is really different, but there's always that edgy element I really love. Headbands, a nail ring, chunky heels.
I wish I could read her blog, but unfortunately, that's not the deal!!
Do you get your inspiration from Lookbook too?

I know.. I know.. nothing to do with fashion or my life but I just couldn't resist


Love and hugs

Hello! Just chilling with my friend hereat home after walking in the city. We were up so early and could not slee Amy further. So annoying.... Now just relax with chocolate and taksi Xoxo


In the new house

The new house is so pretty, almost everything is white so you feel like you're in space. It took some time to build this whole house but it is so gorgous! Also been thinking about a new banner, shot some pics so who knows :)

Mirror selfies whaa

Playing with her sony cyber shot


                                Some of the pics we made for the banner, just a test shot!

Walking on my socks

|| dress, hema || denim blouse, stradivarius || vest, vila || ribbon as a belt, from an h&m dress ||
rings, random || watch, guess || necklace, bijou brigitte ||

ps. The name because I had to walk on my socks in the new house 

Good morning!

Woke up around half past 10 and feeling suprisingly good even though I went to bed around 1 o'clock. Today I'm just going to take it easy. I'm going to my friend, who just moved into a new home (which is so damn gorgous, everything is perfect) and then we'll just be chilling and talking before I go to Egypt. Afterwards I'm going to another friend. It's almost her birthday party but I can't make it because my mum has her party too. So tonight it's her party for me :)
Probably just be drinking some wine and enjoying eachothers company, still in the christmas mood I guess, hihi.
And what are your plans?

Ms. napkinhead from The Holidays. My nieces love it when I do this


December 26

Today it's the last day of Christmas. I had really fun nights and I think tonight will be very pleasent too. I chose to wear something diffrent than the other days, so not my gorgous dress. This outfit is a lot less dressy but still gorgous (I think). I rarely use this clutch but it proves in this outfit it's amazing. Especially because it's the same colour as my nelly heels. I really like the popping out effect, but as I told before I try to let things pop out :)



How is your christmas? Nice with family? Mine has been wonderful! Christmas night we went to friends in Rotterdam and we cooked together. It was all delicious and really enjoyed seeing my friend again and her family and other friends. Afterwards we went into a bar and drank some and danced. I slept in Rotterdam and had a really nice christmas breakfast.

The first day of christmas (it was today) I went to my father's family. My cousin arranged everything and it was truly amazing. We don't have a really big family but we're all really close. I have wonderful little cousins but also big cousins, haha. I love the girlfriends of my cousins, they're so beautiful and I am really glad they're part of my family.
It was a very weird feeling my mum wasn't there, because she's part of my family but of course not of thems anymore. Also my sister and her boyfriend broke up and my brother was sick so we were only with 3 persons. I missed them all..
Tomorrow to my mother's family and will be nice too, I guess.
Busy busy, now off to sleep! XOXO

Maybe a weird post..

It's christmas and maybe I'm supposed to be posting very cheerful stuff but I was thinking about tattoos. Yes, tattoos. I love them, I love to see pictures of it and where people have it and especially why and how. You hate it or you love it. My dad hates it and my mum loves it even though she hasn't got one. Of course it is permanent but if you're sure that you want one, why not. It's your body, right.

I love all of the places in the pictures below, but especially the ones on the back, like Kenza (picture 6).  What do you think about tattoos?


Merry christmas!!

My christmas look: red lips, statement necklace, knot on the head, dark blue wedges and my nelly dress!

Random pictures of yesterday

Outfit of 2 days ago

Originally I made a lot of pictures from my whole outfit, but my face was just not approperiate!! I looked like hell, don't know why and how but I do know that those pictures should be ruined/ burned/ deleted etc. So that's what I did. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, but I think you can still 'sense' a bit of my outfit. I love the blouse with the open back, such a nice alternative. Also perfect for over your bikini or on any shorts. The blouse fits really beautiful, close to your body so it shows your figure a lot. 




3 bloggers in fake fur

I love every fake fur coat, the first one is from zara and the other two are from So adorable! I love how Cindy combined it, all black but with a touch of white. The fake fur coat is so amazing, it almost looks real. I also like the diffrent patterns on the coat, it's an element you don't see that often.
I also really like how Kenza and Angelica combined it, very simple and easy but so classy.
What do you think about fake fur coats?

New in: Nelly dress

I love my new dress, so fancy!


Almost time!

Just gonna clean my face, brush my teeth, learn some more Latin and then off to bed. Had a really fun night with grandma and tonight she's staying over cuz mum is away. Like these kinda nights, so cozy and just doing nothing.
1,5 week left and then off to Egypt, so excited. Feels like forever that I saw the sun..

`Me at daddy in my beautiful Blanco bikini!

New in: statement necklace

I've been longing for a necklace like this for such a long time. I love this one, so girly, so chic and so me. I'm totally happy today, got 3 deliveries today + this new necklace. My deliviries will be in the following posts (tomorrow probably). My nelly dress is so gorgous <3

Necklace - Bijou Brigitte