First day

After 6/7 hours of sitting in a bus, we arrived at our destination Caen. It's a small place, but very cute  and with a little harbour (picture 1). I thought we would be in a place in the middle of nowhere so it was a suprise. We walked and we looked at some things like churches and the city itself. Then just freetime and we sat outdoors all midday. That evening we went to our host families, which was incredibly weird. They didn't speak a word of English, only French and I just can't DO French...
Still it was fun haha, luckily we were with 3!!

The harbour

A random church in Caen

me and 2 friends

delicious, maccarons


Bonjour mes cheries

I know... I haven't been blogging for like forever. No excuse, I was just not thinking about it. Stupid, I know. But it's the truth.
My trip to France was amazing, paris was amazing and it was very nice all together. I didn't buy much unfortunately, because the free time we had in Paris was just so poor..
A photodiary of my week in France will show up today :)


Where i was?

I was in France with school for 4 days.. I conpletely forgot tot tell you all, but I wanted to tell it before i was leaving. Guess what, i overslept and had to be at school in 15 minutes....
Hope you understand. Now i am going to sleep, so tired!


Last shoplog, my pictures would not work with me!

everything is from Forever 21 and was under 20 euros!

 red shorts,

Pink sport shorts

The jimmy hendrix exppiernce

neon pink body, also have it in black

Neon pink bikini top


Let the beat drill into your mind

Tonight I have a party at my hockeyclub and just gonna relax with 10 friends first at my home and then off to the party. Is always the same, but it's just very fun.. My pc has some troubles with editing my shoplog pictures so those will show up tomorrow I think.

a couple pictures of the latest hockeyparties

Yes, it's neon. Really neon.

Another one of my boughts, a neon yellow skirt from Berschka. I'm totally in love with this one, just because it's the perfect skirt for spring. Neon and yellow are like the most amazing things right now and I think it will look amazing when the sun is shining with sunglasses... mmm. 
I bought a lot of neon stuff in Antwerp, so stay tuned :)



I like these combination of earrings A LOT! Especially the feather piercing.

Yes, finally my first Vogue

It took a long time, but finally i've got my love

American flag, doh

 Today all my purchases out of Antwerp will appear on my blog, so keep looking :)
This top is like most of my purchases from Forever 21 and this one is just co amazingly 'hipster'. The fringes, the flag and the vintage feeling.


Amsterdam, sunday 9 april 2012

On our way to Amsterdam

A good view on my new pants from zara

Some random cafee kind of place where we had drinks. I would not go here again because of the bad service..

Mum and I both very summery

I love the streets in Amsterdam, they make me so happy

Just weird me

Another blackberry.. yes my 4th one

I have a white blackberry bold, but I just wanted to show you the amazing case. Isn't it fun? It's ugly I know, but I wanted something weird instead of normal so I chose this one.
I think I've succeeded.


Hm against aids

I love these items of the new collection of hm against aids. My alltime favourite item is the denimvdress from a couple of years ago, but unfortunately i wad too young back then. I am a bit disappointed about the items, but there are a couple favourites of mine. Really hope they sell it in my city...


Happy easter and fine sunday

Hope you all have a very lovely and cosy easter with your family or loved ones.
I'm going to Amsterdam today, my mum and I are going to have a cosy sunday. Later on the day we're going to pick up my sister in Amsterdam, because she was in England.
XOXO nina


Just some shopping done..

Yellow jeans make the day look brighter

As I told I went to Antwerp yesterday and purchased this amazing yellow jeans and crochet top. Wanted to show you how I combined these 2 items at this degree of temperature. Really loving the coloured jeans, gives such a boost to an outfit!
Jeans - h&m , top - h&m , boots - sendra , denim jacket - gap , necklace - random

Antwerp 6 april 2012

So here's a little photodiary of my day with my grandmother in Antwerp. Hope you enjoy it!

We started the day at Inno with some nice cake and a drink. Of course I've got the chocolate one.. Addicted!

My favourite bag by my side. My amazing studded duffle bag.

As you might know my favourite store is Forever 21 and now there's one in Antwerp. I was so thrilled about this and put so many great things in my basket, but then the fire alarm went off and everybody had to go outside... The fire fighters came and the only thing I could think about was: OH NO I'VE GOT TO GET MY BAG WITH CLOTHING!

                Lunch with grandmother at 'Horta', my favourite dining place in Antwerp. I had the club                      sandwich, so delicious

At the end of the day, 4 bags filled with clothing :)