Keep telling myself the same thing

I love blogging, so that's not the point. You may have noticed and I'm quite sure you do that I'm not posting anything. Or well, 1 post in 2 weeks, but you can't really call it blogging.
I always have an excuse, but it's just that I'm so busy with school and my personal life. I have to deal with a couple of things, unfortunately, but I hope it's over soon.
Understand me please that I'd love to blog, but just don't have the time. I'll be back soon though, so keep waiting for me and have a little peace.



You fight, you win

 I felt so little under this big building. Okay lets just call it Arc de Triomph and not a building, because I was so impressed by this.
For the first time in my life I didn't feel like a giant, but that's with all those amazing places. I felt the same in New York, LA, Vegas, London and sometimes even in Amsterdam. Although that's really different...
When you're in a position like I was on the pictures beneath, you realise that you're just that midget piece of a whole community.
Doing some philosophic thinking,..

No words..

I mean..... omg... so cute.. I'm dying..

Kimono look-a-like

Beside the angry face of the model, the vest thing she is wearing, is so pretty. It's by one teaspoon, that Australian brand. Also a bit pricy... But I love the kimono look-a-like. It's something Australian girls would typically wear in my mind. I'm not a pro at knowing what those girls wear, but I used to be on Tumblr. A lot.. 
So yeah really into this vest thing!


Paris street fashion

When I think of Paris, I think of little women with an amazing sense of style. It actually quite disappointed me to be honoust. I'd expected a lot more of it, but fortunately I took a few pictures of some amazing people and their style. 
Well, a few pictures isn't completely true. It's like 2 pictures... I saw some more, but it wasn't blog worthy. Hope you like!

look at this amazing bag. I just... love..

This is just a typicle example of someone who really dares to wear. Look at that skirt. The belt. The heels. The whole look is just so amazing.