3 summers ago I went to Bali with my family. My mum, dad, brother, sister, sister of my dad and my dad's mum. My grandma is an Indonesian woman and was born in Java, Jakarta. We went to Bali though, because of her own personal reasons.

For me it was a trip I will never forget. I love the culture in Indonesia and I really like how everything works their. I would love to even live there! It also meant a lot to me, because my parents were still together. I still enjoy thinking about those times and understand that it really was the right choice, the ones of my parents but that I should not forget the good times.
The picture shows a bridge close to the rice fields which we visited. I'm standing at front and behind me the guide, my brother and my dad stand. Loving the picture :)

Btw: does any of my readers live in Indonesia? Would love to know.

Sister love

Whaaaaaaa my sister just gave me her whole jewellery box full of amazing bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. Feeling like it's my birthday which it's obviously not!!

Outfit of the day: put your collar up!

Today I had only 4 lessons, really felt like I should have stayed home. I went into the city to buy a present for my mum and it actually is really nice, really looking forward to this weekend! 
My outfit is really casual but with a twist of decently. That last part because of the blouse and then the V-neck sweater above. Really liking this style though!
If you want to see what I'm wearing further, click on the button below
ps. my jeans does look black, but it's green!!

Good morning!

Hello my loves,

Woke up at 7 this morning. It's so cold outside and I still can't get used that it is dark outside and that till almost 9.30. Not fun.
School til 14.10 and then a quick trip to the shopping centre to buy some santa claus presents! Have no clue what I should buy for my sister, will probably be a bag again or a scarf or any other accesoiries.
Now I'm gonna brush my teeth and off to school, see u later this day! X

Pictures of last saturday


Hot collaboration

Every fashion-addicted person has heard the news, h&m will be collaborating with the Italian brand Marni! It was all over my facebook and on several blogs I was looking on.
It is a lot better than the one with Versace, but that's just because Marni is so much more beautiful and it hasn't got that chunky touch what Versace has.
The video really shows the excitement what it's bringing to the designer of Marni and the woman of h&m. They are proud and I totally understand. Only of the little things I see I want to open my wallet and pull out some money to buy that gorgous jacket and earrings.
I like the colourful patterns, it's perfect for spring or any occasion you'd like to wear it too.
Can't wait till it's in stores, the 8th of march.

Quick thing to tell

I've enabled, when you want to comment on a post, to be anonymous. You can still use open-ID though!

Last weekend pictures

My friend celebrated her 16th birthday, everything looked so amazingly organised and cute. I just needed to make a picture!

Blazer for my brother

Note: My mum bought it yay!

It's almost santa claus (not christmas, but santa claus) and I have to get a present for everyone in my family. For my brother it's always so difficult because he doesn't like everything and he doesn't want everything, so annoying.

I saw this blazer at h&m men and I fell love instantly. I really think he'll like it, but I need your opinion! Do you think a boy around the age of 19 likes this?

OOTD: Delayed of yesterday

Yay my laptop is working again! 
I think this outfit is incredibly nice, because of the simplicity but also the 2 things popping out. The red/ pink blouse and the patterned jacket. This jacket I also found in my sister's room and deffenitly gonna keep it. Everyone's liking it and it would be such a waste lying in a cupboard instead of being worn.


Have to go quickly!

Have to hurry, my dad's gonna pick me up at 11.30 haha so just 50 minutes left and haven't showered jet......
The party of my friend was super nice, super cosy and she really was enjoying it. She looked amaazing and pictures will show up soon!
Now gonna dress, have a lovely day everyone!! XOXO
ps. my adapter is dead, told you what and why but i guess I can post tomorrow or tuesday....
old picture


Elisa ♥

Todays Outfit: Sorry but I'm the queen

Came home from hockey, totally frozen and I couldn't even feel my toes and fingers. This weather drives me so crazy, I hate winter. I like the scarfs and the sweaters but I prefer summer. No panties, no thick vests and just cute summer clothing. So today I was looking in my sister's room...


Put your head up and go!

Last saturday, at a party of a friend.


Anonymous said...
how many uggs do you have? and please tell me the colors of them.:)

I have 2 pairs, i have the classic short chestnut and the classic short nopal!


Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot, this is why I'm doing it. Well of course because I love it but also the feedback, thanks!

And most asked question:
How tall are you? 

I'm 182 cm, so that's really tall!


i want to go there!

                                    Omg please let me go here, a blue sea and a blue sky...


Summer time

Always funny to do when it's nice weather outside, taking pictures. And especially taking pictures while someone is jumping into the air. Atleast that's my opinion!

Outfit of the day: Striped sweater

I just came home from school, like an hour ago. Every thursday I'm home around 4 o'clock. It's so irritating and it feels like forever.. That's why I always post later on thursday, so remember that! Today I went for this new sweater from h&m men, which I'm in love with. I can't think why boys would wear such a femine sweater.. It even shows my figure, a bit weird I guess?

perfect red lipstick

This colour fits me so perfectly, it's amazing. It's a bit of a darker red, but still really noticeable (what I like!). It's just from the 'kruidvat'. That's a Dutch drugstore which has a variety of low budget make-up. Like this! Check out their lipsticks, they stay long on your lips and they have such beautiful colours :).
Catrice Ultimate Shine 140 stoplight

Delicious pasta

My sister made such a delicious pasta! Really thin spaghetti with spinach and little tomatoes and a really nice sauce with it. Can't remember the sauce but it was so delicious. I really love good food, really enjoy it!



Rihanna - Man Down

Still loving the song, even though it exists for a while. It makes me feel good and I like to dance on it when I'm out with friends!

RiRi is gorgous


I get a variety of questions, so I thought I'd make a post where you can ask me questions and I'll answer them in another post. So if you have a question, or even more, leave it as a comment below!

Xoxo, Nina

The one that I want

Outfit of the day

Holland has been covered in fog the last 4 days. It's really beautiful and to imagine that you're walking and doing things in clouds is such a weird idea. It's also very scary, because I always bike to school on my own and I'm always afraid some creepy men are behind trees to grab me and take me with them.. Of course that's just bullshit but yeah I'm a bit frightened!


epic fail!

School drives me nuts, but I'm not gonna complain about it now, in this post. I thought, because I'm super busy I just post a picture I found on my friend's laptop.
When we were a bit younger we liked to dress up. Heavy make-up, weird clothing and especially big sunglasses! And yeah sometimes you just put too much powder on your face.. whahaha

November.. November.. My outfit of this day

Red kisses

Woke up so brightened this morning, really felt great! Today I have to make 3 tests.. So fricking nervous.. My outfit of the day you'll see later. It's nothing extraordinairy, just rocked the look with red lips and my leopard scarf. 



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Bloglovin' could be so super easy. Checking on your favourite blogs whenever they post something new. I've made one a while ago, but never used it properly.
It's going to change!
I'm going to use it more and hope you'll like it too. On that way you can be updated by bloglovin' and know whenever I post something.
Good idea, or not?

If you like my blog, please follow me on bloglovin'! I'll be giving a little price away any time soon, so keep in touch!

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Can someone help me?

As you might know I wanna change my banner! I want a picture with the name of my blog, so ninair  on a picture. I was wondering if someone could help me with that??

Dip it in

Abbey Lee Kershaw

Knot on my head

When I was a little girl, I always wore a know on my head. It was super comfortable and I felt like a little ballerina. To me now, a knot is sophisticated, super femine and it makes me feel super comfortable knowing that my hair is out of my face but in an elegant way. 

Haha so damn funny

Source: Tumblr



The photo isn't very recent, but it still makes me laugh. I have my macbook for over 3 years and photobooth is just so fun. It still brightens me up when I'm bored or sad.. haha

Versace for H&M

Did you pick anything up from the collection?
I was too late.. I had been sick for 3 days so my mum wouldn't let me home another day, even when I told her I wanted a piece so badly.
I guess I just have to hope for the next cooperation. I guess I just wanted a piece because it was Versace.. Not even because I liked the pieces that much.
I think their all kind a trashy, but that's Versace!


Till later!

Off to my hockey match, I won't be playing cuz of my back injury but of course I'll support my team. I'm so fucking annoyed about my back. I want it to get better and to play again. 
You can't imagine how much it hurts! Mondag I have an appointment with the docter and then probably I'll be going to the hospital for a scan. Hope it's over soon.
Have a nice midday!

Friday the 11th of november

I know, I'm posting this one week later. I have an explanation.. My laptop's battery isn't broken but on some way it doesn't functionate the way it has to. So sometimes my adapter falls out of my laptop and then I put it in but there's no reaction. I really can't explain how and why because I don't know, but I'm trying to live with it. So that's the reason I'm sometimes not posting a day or two. Just because my laptop is totally dead..

So that friday I had a dinner at my dad's work and my sister and I were also invited. We dressed up nicely and put our heels on (our daddy is really tall so we can wear them with him and we're not longer, loving it!!).
The food was so nice, it was all organic but so delicious. I ate things I've never eaten before!
There was a cute girls band who played but after that my fav' Dutch band were giving a private concert! I was so so so thrilled about it and it was amazing.
I can't explain how much I've enjoyed it and my dad was so happy that we had so much fun. Me and my sister even had to give them the flowers and I got 3 kissed from the leadsinger + drummer. Yeah I feel kinda lucky :D
If you're not dutch you probably don't know the band, but damn I love them!

Blouse, episode // Shorts, Levi's // Bag, Random // Tights, V&D // Earrings, Hema //
I was also wearing my Nelly heels

                                                             A perfect night to remember