New blackberry!

Finally! I got my new blackberry curve 9300, and I'm so happy with it. I waited for two whole months, though I wasn't addicted I missed it. I'm so happy to have it back and just enjoy it , and I'll never loose it again..


Goodbye, loves

This night I left to the South-France! I queud one post, but we're taking the laptop with us so I'll be able to post something from there.
I love you guys super much and I'm going to leave a message as soon as I can!
Me, last holiday in Gran Canaria

Simple, already worn once, haha

Everything from H&M except the necklace, it's from Forever 21!

Last day of school

Hello blog!
How are you? I'm fine. Today it's the last day of school and then we have holidays for a week. As you know I'm going to the South of France, and I'm so excited! I need to relax because these past weeks have been so busy.. Where you come from, do you have holidays right now?
We'll talk soon, xoxo!


New dog

Yesterday my sister came back from a lovely week of Rome. I was so happy to see her, all fresh and healthy.. Well not that healthy, she has food poisoning, and tomorrow we're going to South-France again.. Damn! But well I was super happy to see her and I really enjoyed talking to her again.

She bought 2 things for me, I personally love them, haha!

I love my corset

Corset - Blanco
Blazer - Stradivarius
Jeans - H&M
Belt - Amtrack

Nude inspiration

Firstly, does anyone of you know what her name is? Secondely, I love her outfit, I love the combination of the nude colours and the loose leather jacket. She mixed everything so perfect and still it looks natural. Thumbs up for her!


Haul Primark 23th of april

    Finally, here are the pictures of my bought from the Primark, enjoy!
    1. Tanktop, 4 euros
    2. Floral jumpsuit, 6 euros
    3. Round bag, 9 euros
    4. Tanktop beatles, 12 euros
    5. Shorts, 11 euros
    6. Lipsmackers, per piece 2 euros
    7. Headbands, per piece 2 euros
    8. Clutch, 8 euros
    9. Jumpsuit, 6 euros

Butterfly sleeves

Top - Forever 21
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Miz Mooz
Earrings - Six



Everything is from the Primark except my glasses, they're vintage Ray Bans.


Hello sunnies,
how are you? Enjoying your easter weekend? I know I'm enjoying it. Now I'm in Middelburg, a small place in Zeeland (my dad lives there). Yesterday my mum and I drove to Middelburg, by a last minute call, and slept here.
Now I'm going to the beach and enjoy the lovely weather. Have a great day,


old dress!

I just came home from lunching, well not really a lunch haha, but the food was amazing. It tasted so good, I enjoyed it very much. Now I'm going to my friend her birthday, xoxo.
Dress - Zara, 2 years old
Headband - Primark
Shoes - My sister her closet

Happy Easter!

Goodmorning blog!
How are you? What a lovely morning, the sun is shining and I just had easter breakfast. Firstly I searched in the garden for eggs(tradition) and then we had breakfast. On this time of the year there's just so much harmony. Today I'm going to have lunch in Rotterdam, my third visit in 3 days, with my mother, brother and grandmother. Afterwards I have a birthday of my friend who turned 15. Outfit of the day pictures will show up later.
Have a lovely easter, what are your plans?



Hello lovelies!
Today I went shopping as I told and bought a lot of lovely stuff but I got a request to make a haul but do you want that?
Like a video, or just pictures?

Lovely outfit

Shopping in Rotterdam

Yesterday I came home from Rotterdam and today I'm going again, haha. It's a busy weekend but today I'm going shopping with 2 friends from school. It's an early day, but well I don't mind..


Train outfit

I love my friend, she didn't fit this skirt anymore so she decided to give it to me. I've always loved it so I'm super happy!
I'm wearing the skirt from H&M, my beloved H&M vest and my bag from a random store

How are you? Had a nice day? I'm so tired, I just walked from the train station until my house. My feet hurt and I'm noddy.
The concert was amazing, everything was amazing! I can't describe how much I love that band right now. I'm a new fan, for sure.
Later this afternoon I have a party of my friends who's birthday is on sunday, so I'll be leaving in 45 minutes.


Tonight is fun night

Hello beauties!
I'm feeling damn well again, it's weekend and now I have 4 days of weekend because of Easter. In 30 minutes I'm going to Rotterdam and enjoy a lovely concert, Kane at Ahoy! I'm so excited! I'm going with my best friend who lives in Rotterdam and afterwards I'm going to sleep at her place.
We'll talk tomorrow, xoxo

Forever 21 dress

I love the dress I'm wearing today, but it's so hot. The material is a bit like a towel so it's super warm, but so comfortable!


Today it was 26 degrees, so hot! Have been laying in my bikini all day long and I can see it on my skin. I love the feeling that it's almost summer and that it's almost holidays! 9 days left and then I'm going to South-France.
Now I'm going for dinner with my grandma and mother, xoxo

Crop top, tucked in

Today I'm wearing my denim skirt from Zara, my crop top from H&M and a black vest of H&M. And as always, my Guess watch, haha.:)