Photos of yesterday

it was such fun yesterday! I joined Julie her family and I enjoyed it a lot. Was not used to a big family because of my parents fivorce so was a nice experience again :).
Holland vs. German was an amazing game, even got a picture with the keeper cuz I'm a keeper too haha. Enjoy:)

My topshop favourites of the new in collection from this week!

My friend always purchases on the topshop webshop so I thought, lets look and I found such nice pieces of the new collection! Seriously these need to be in my closet. Those wedges, I want them so badly, that colour is magnificent...
I'm in love, with topshop.
Coral wedges - 70 pounds
White bikini - 28 pounds
Rucksack - 75 pounds
Denim dress - 40 pounds
Python bracelet - 16,5 pounds
Claw bracelet - 7,5 pounds
Dress with sequins - 42 pounds
Leather bag - 75 pounds


Goodbye middle school, hello high school!!

Just random!

Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Levi's
Watch - Geneva
Rings - Silver and Market



Yes! Finally I have holiday, tomorrow I'm getting all my grades back but I already got such nice ones back, i'm so happy.
Today I'm going to a hockey thing in Amsterdam so won't post something today, I'm so sorry but I'll make it up tomorrow!

Some photos of me and friends from yesterday!



Fashiolista contest to win a Nikon D5100 camera!

Seriously, if you're a blogger then read on! Fashiolista is now organizing a contest so you can win a Nikon camera, and come on be honoust, who doesn't want that! 
Go to this link and then follow the instructions. The list with the most facebook likes wins.This is my list if you're curious :). Please go to my list and like it if you like it, ofcourse!
This is my list if you're curious :).
Xoxo and lots of luck, 
that the best may win.


It was first love at H&M, I saw the blouse and I fell in love. It's not silk but of course you can expect that from H&M, but it's so soft. I've been craving for a blouse like this for such a long time and then finally I find it, but my mum doesn't like it.. Always a big problem.
I need your opinion so please leave a comment below tell me what you think of it! It looks much prettier in reality btw!

Hotness and thunder

This weather is so weird, now the sun is shining and it's bloody hot and just an hour ago the thunder came and it rained..
Today last day of learning and then holidays, so so happy with that! And you, when do you have holiday?
Playsuit - Primark
Shorts - Sting
Necklace - India
Bracelets - Random
Watch - Guess

For beautiful you!

I don't know how many people read my blog but for everyone of you who does, you're beautiful! Don't let other people bring you down, be yourself, because you're perfect. Everybody's perfect in their own way and that is what makes you so special! Listen the song and you'll understand me,


Photo diary of the last week(s)


How amazing are these Jeffrey Campbell fruit shoes? I spontanously want to have lots of fruit and eat lots of it.. Mangoes, kiwi's, watermelon etc.
How cool will these pumps look with a white summer dress and a floppy head.
Damn, great job JC!
What do you think about these shoes, would you wear them?

Damn im so angry :(. I just dropped my vintage raybans and one glass is broken... I dont want them to be broken so i have to find a store who can fix this.. I really hope there are some of these glasses left!!

Heat wave

It's so hot outside, unbelievable! It's summer so it's supposed to be like this but it haven't been like this for a very long time...
My tests went well, and I got an 8,5 back from Mathemetics, which means that I have one less insufficient point on my final list, which is great. I'm so happy :)!

Perfect weather to learn outside, at least I'm going to try, haha....
I think the shawl thing is a great switch with your normal rubber band, it looks really nice and it gives your outfit a fresh look.
Blouse - H&M
Shorts + Belt - Primark
Shawl - Random
Watch - Guess
Bracelets - Random
Stone ring - H&M
Earrings - Six