Ankle cuffs

There are always trends some people like and some don't. I'm a person who doesn't specifically likes trend, but more what I love myself and what I see in magazines. I'm not a person who sees that pastel colours are a trend so she buys it. I'm the person who sees pastel in the stores and considers to buy it.

Cuffs I love. Still haven't ordered a neck cuff (don't ask me why, cuz I love it) but these ankle cuffs are just A M A Z I N G. 
Do you like it?

Source: We heart it

Anna Dello Russo from the Japanese Vogue couldn't miss this trend, of course!!

Packed for the snow

It has been snowing all day long!! So late though.. It's the end of january, winter is almost over.
I like snow as long as I don't have to bike in it. I love to walk in it and make pictures of it, but as long as it stays like that.
Look how packed I am because of the cold. Faux fur turband, thick scarf and my new coat. Ready 2 go!


Whenever I'm down

I'm a person who can be very happy and excited, but I also have another side. I can be very down and see everything black. These 'mood swings' aren't easy to live with. It's not like I'm depressive and I have a disorder, but I have 2 sides. Whenever I feel down, I look to pictures on my laptop. From my holidays, party's and texts which make me feel okay. My spirit whenever I feel shitty? 
Fuck it!

Simple looks but oh so fashionable!

I love the looks on the pictures beneath. The simplicity of the outfit I like most. I am a person who likes to wear simple things or really daring things. Lately I've been grabbing the most simple things, because I'm just not in the mood for really extravagant pieces. I try to have one piece on that pops out, like a statement necklace or top. 
The bloggers beneath (linked on the bottom) are just a really good example of simple and stylish :)

IV: Kenzas


My life in pictures

my suitcase, still unpacked...

while learning for my history exam, spotting the word 'Egypt'. Makes me wanna go back so badly!

Drawing my initials

Just some random photo I liked 

With old memo's, making a heart at philosophy

My hair do, I pretty liked it!

My friend hanging out of the window hahah

Just some random pictures I like to show with you! :)


Friend of mine

Omg omg one of my friends has been developing her model career and now she is on the point of on of the most exciting and amaxing things ever... She is going to be a model on amsterdam fashion week!! I am so fricking jealous and so happy for her!! Still cannot believe it whaaaaaa Xoxo Quick thing on my mind...




For now I have testweek. It's until friday, but I never thought it would be so hard. I really need to focus on school which means I can't blog until friday.
Please forgive me,

Love Nina


Mum's bday saturday

My mum turned 50 last week so there was deffenitly a reason to party. The party took place in a cafe close to my house. 48 women were invited and the theme of the party was 'red shoes'. My mum has always loved that colour and especially for shoes. She never wore that colour, because my dad didn't like it. She's a free women now, so she can do what she wants.. :P
I really enjoyed the night, just danced, laughed and drank wine. I always feel a lot more comfortable with women around, but could not miss men in my life, haha. They're just too fun to miss, right?
I wore my all time favourite outfit:

h&m trend blouse & necklace, miss sixty pants, nelly heels, random bracelets & rings



Hello beauties,

How r y? 
An important question in my mind, because I haven't been blogging that much lately. When I'm back from holidays I always have troubles with settling again. Going to school, make tests, eat healthy, go to back early and also blogging. It's hard to blog everyday when you haven't done it for over 1 week. Don't understand me wrong, because I  L O V E  B L O G G I N G !
I hope I can get into this rythym soon again and that I'll be posting much more in a couple of days. For now, I just have test week and I'm about to sleep now:)
sweet dreams

Me in Egypt



Back in town


It's been a long time since I actually  posted something while not planned it in.
I'm back in Holland, unfortunately. My holiday has been great and can't believe how fast the times went. Yesterday I was still in Egypt, which makes me sad and miss it so much. I had the time of my life and was so rested, but then you come to school and the rested feeling fades away.
This week is so incredibly busy that I just want to grab all my money and move to Egypt, just for the rest, peace and especially the sun..

How was your holiday? Did YOU rest out?


My friends are the best

Just a couple of my friends. My friends mean the world to me, they help me when I'm out, when I don't have any strength to go on. They're my savers and I'm for them. They're one of the most important things in my life, why I'm keep going and know why I'm not stopping. I really love them and cherish them forever. 
With some of my best friends I don't have pictures, but they're not forgotten <3

Kenza wow

Wow... Don't have any words for this. Kenza her body is just so perfect. She has hips, nice butt, long legs, flat stomach and boobs.
You rock, girl. She's not only pretty on the outside but also on the inside. She really cares about her readers, which I think is so amazing!
Who's your inspiration?