OOTD: Denim

Finally, an outfit of the day since a very long time..
Denim blouse - Stradivarius
White shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - H&M
Legging - H&M
Earrings - Six
Rings - H&M, silver
Chain bracelet +ring - H&M
Bracelets - Spain


Love it

I love Dulce. I began to knew her blog trough youtube because she also makes beauty and fashion videos. I'm obsessed with the beauty gurus on YT and Dulce is deffenitly one of the most talented and funniest gurus.
I love her attitude, her natural looks and yeah she is just the type I like. Can't explain that but sometimes you just know when you like someone the first time you see him/her.
This outfit is so simple and still so classy. Normally her outfits are with a lot of colours, jewellery and other remarkable stuff but this time she kept it simple but still she's looking so damn good.
I love the Alexander Wang bag!!



Wednesday I had the most delicious salad, salad with a really nice dressing and grilled tuna. Maybe you don't know but I LOVE tuna! I love fish, mmm.

And a couple days before that i had sushi with a friend in Hilversum. So damn good, i love the smell of the fresh fish.. Yeah I'm kinda weird!


I feel bad..

I got a comment from a lovely girl saying she's missing my posts and yeah I'm missing blogging too.
It's easy to say for me: i'm struggling with my emotions, I'm mentally not perfect at the moment. Perhaps not a good excuse but yeah that's whaddup.
Tomorrow I'll be home again so time for blogging. I've really missed it and I've noticed it's just a part of my daily life. I love blogging and being in contact with you guys.
I hope you don't blaim me too much..
For now, just a random picture for something random!
Lots of love Nina


Holiday Haul

Top, stradivarius

Feather earrings, Blanco

White corset, Blanco

Coral dress, random store

My birthday dress, random store

Ring, Market

Ring, Palafrugell

Feather earrings, Palafrugell

I love the beach

Days at daddie

Had the most amazing sunny days at my dad in Zeeland. The weather was perfect, so lucky! Here are some pictures of the past days, hope you enjoy:
The good life

At the beach

Wind in the hair haha

At some random cafee...

This picture I love so much!!

My new love..

My new suede jacket from Arma.. I think I found my true love..


How I'm longing back to the sun!

The weather in Holland has been terrible.. Never had such a bad summer like this, raining, raining and raining. It's so fricking annoying, hello it's summer?


For now it's just going to be me and my dog and the television. Watching teennick, how I love that...
Everyone's spending their friday night different, haha...

I'm officially back..

Sorry for my abscense, i wish I could explain but for now.. I'm just sorry. When the time's ready I'll tell you guys more. It's just some personal stuff which I'm troubling with.
So lets move on!
Finally, finally, finally breaking dawn is coming to the cinema's! The next movie of the saga of twilight! I'm so so excited, I have waited for this movie for like forever (it seems like forever).
Watch the trailer and tell me, do you like twilight as much as me??
Edward (Robert) is so hot...
Tomorrow a haul of my holiday + a birthday haul and pictures will show up!


It's my birthday!!

Yes, today I turned 15, haha. Going to be an amazing day, we'll talk tomorrow!
I finally have a new adapter, so I finally can blog and things how much I want. Such a pleasant feeling :)


i'm back!

Yeah girls, I'm back from an amazing trip to Spain! Totally exhausted but it was so nice. Pictures and a haul will show up soon, having bit of a trouble with my laptop adapter, so fucking annoying :s.
Tomorrow it's my birthday!