Inspirational pictures

Redoing my room

I've been thinking about changing my room for a very long time. I discuss it almost every month with my mother and every time we're planning to do it but it never comes to the actual plan. My room is already painted more than a half a year ago, from hard pink to light brown.
I want to show you guys this inspirational room tour on youtube and tell me what do you think about them, do you have a nice room or do you want to change it?
I personally love the room of Blair(Juicystar07), it's so amazing and so big and so organized, I love it! --> maybabytumbler --> hayleyistcb --> macbarbie07> juicystar07

Sports day

I didn't tell you (I don't know why though) but today I had sports day. I don't know if everyone in every country has it but it's just what the name says; a day full of sports. We played hockey and soccer and some random games. It was so cold but always better than school! Here are some pictures, haha:


House of gaga

I really like my outfit today, because it's simple but I like the pattern on the tanktop. I like Lady Gaga a lot and she inspires me to do things I wouldn't do normally. She's also a really crazy person what I think is so nice! I like people who are themselves and don't act diffrently when they're with other people or when they're famous, like Gaga. The message is, just be yourselves because you're so pretty!
House of Gaga tanktop - H&M
Shorts - Primark
Watch - Guess
Rings - Market and random


Just a relaxing sunday

As the title says, just a relaxing sunday and learning for school. I'm so looking forward to the holidays!
Yesterday I had a hockey party but it sucked, seriously! The most boring party I've ever been to, never go to that again.. How was your saturday night? Did you go out dancing or just stayed at home?


End of the season

Yes, I won with 3-2 and now we ended second, I'm so happy! I just showered and maked sure everything was alright for when my friends sleep here(5 girls). Because of the end of the hockeyseason I have a team BBQ which will be so nice and I have to go now, haha. Then I have a party at the hockeyclub and my friends will stay here:). I'll make sure there will be some pictures, xoxo

New boughts

2 nailpolishes - Hema
Headband - From Spain(Got it from mum)
Bodysplash - H&M

Cross jewellery - Six
I also got a new lipgloss from I love Cosmetics and I got a new necklace which I'm still doubting if I should keep it(as you can see in my previous post!)


I can still buy something like this in Spain I think

Do you regonize the joy of buying things you wanted for a very long time? I have it with this necklace.. At least I thought so.. I saw it in the H&M magazines and in the store and I fell in love with it, because I've seen a similar one for a much higher price. So when it finally was in store I immediately bought it, but I'm doubting if I should keep it..
It's 10 euros which isn't expensive but for a necklace I'll not wear that often and doubting about? Not a good sign. When I want something and I'm not doubting it's perfect but when I'm doubting, no not a good choice, haha!
So what do you think?

Andy Warhol jeans

Jeans - Andy Warhol
White blouse - H&M
Vest - H&M
Cross bracelet - Six

Watch - Guess
Ring -  Vintage

Friday bake day

Mmm, the weekend started and I'm looking forward for it again. Tomorrow I have a party at the hockeyclub and then sleep at a friend. Sunday is going to be a chilling day with a bit of learning for school and then be with my brother at night.
But today I baked such a nice pie with my friend, it's a citron pie and so yummy! It looks as perfect as the  picture haha, and just found the recipe on the internet!


Miauwwwww, I love my tiger shirt

I'm not feeling totally fine about this outfit, something is missing or isn't right but haven't figured it out yet!
Tiger shirt - Dept
Leather jacket - ??
Jeans - Levi's

When I need something it isn't here, so annoying. Look at my nails! The polish have to go off because my nails look like crap, any ideas for a replacement of a cotton pad?


I hate to say sorry, again

Damn, why isn't there another word to say sorry then 'sorry'. But I can't think of anything but I just want to say that I'm sorry I can't post for 3 days. As I told my mum is on holidays so I'm staying at my friend's and I don't have unlimited time on the laptop as I have at home, haha.
We'll talk soon, xoxo


Lazy sunday

Today I'm wearing a jacket from Vero Moda with a dress from Zara and a legging from ' de bijenkorf'. Also I'm wearing my Guess watch, my  taurus ring and my flower earring.

Wonderful night

Hello fellow bloggers!
How are you today? Slept nice and cosy? I sure did, though my neck really hurts. I think I didn't lay good or something.
Yesterday I had a party of someone and it was truly incredible. I had a really fun night though there were also lots of things that annoyed me, but that beside.
Today I'm going to stay at my friend's house for 4 days and then my mother will be back, so probably I can't post things everyday but of course I'll try!
This is what I wore yesterday evening:
H&M crochet shorts
H&M white top
America Today black vest
Black All Stars


Tonight i have a party but i will make pictures of my outfit and post them as soon as I can!
SorryN again for not posting anything but I had hockey all day.
Hope you will forgive me, xoxo


Filming all day, part 2

When you see this I'm at my friend's to film the movie for German. I hope it won't be that amaturistic (if that's how you write it)..
Then when I come home my sister is here and she'll be here for the whole weekend. Maybe I haven't told but my father is in Vienna and my mother is in Malaga, so unfair. The past 2 days my grandma was here and then my sister comes and then I'm going to stay with my friend. Hope the week will go fast because I miss my mum already.
And what are your plans for the day? Going to celebrate the weekend?

Outfit of the day: Thursday...

Well, I always prefer ever than never, what do you think about that? And a quick pic of my new wedges, they're nothing special, just basic and plain but just what I needed!
Top - Fornarina
Pants - Miss Sixty
Wedges - Shoeline
Coat - Stradivarius
Bag - Random


Trip to the beautician

As every month, I have an appointment with the beautician. She cleans my whole skin, makes sure al my pimples are gone and my brows get done. I love being at the beautician because I love beauty, I am a bit obsessed with it and she also noticed it.
But when I got my mask I was bored so took 2 pictures, haha!
Have you ever visited the beautician? Or do you want to?

Inspirational pictures

Sorry guys, i'm just so busy and I wanted to post one thing at least!!