Spain 2012

The first day, me and my sis enjoying our beers at the beach. Look at the blue sky.. truly amazing 

Thursday we spent the whole morning in Girona. A bit of shopping, a bit of walking and just cosy. I really like the pic because of the background :)

 Dinner in a village in Spain. We always eat there and it never lets us down. Mmm pizza

The amazing view on the bridge of Girona. It looks a bit like Venice I think, can't really tell because I've never been there!


Remember me? Nina, 15 years old (almost 16 though), Dutch, loves blogging?
I'm sitting here and don't really know what to write. At the moment I'm enjoying my holiday in Spain for 3 weeks. I was looking on some blogs and then remembered something..
Girls I just miss blogging.. I really don't have time I noticed, but it's just too fun and too nice to blog. I can't stop blogging. I just can't. So lets see this as a new beginning. I choose a bad time because I'm on holidays, but still, I wanted to tell this and get some motivation for myself to blog again. When I make a promise, I have to keep it. So now I made a promise to you and  to myself that I have to start blogging again!
How are you all by the way?