Last night

Last night was so fun! I had a party at my place for all the people who were there on our skiing trip, like a reunion.
We sat in my garden all night and just drank and talked and danced on the music. Me and my friends arranged it all and have to say, it was just sick fun. The only thing not so fun is that someone broke my door and we had to bring a boy to the hospital...
Today it's my brothers birthday so I'll be celebrating that at my home with a small party and tonight chilling with 2 friends of mine. Will be fun aswell :)
Have a nice day and we'll talk soon,
xoxo nina!

                                                        party when my mum turned 50


Outfit, 29 march 2012

So here I am, writing a post about my outfit of the day. There's just not much inspiration in me, my testweek sucked it out of my body I think. But I still wanted to show you my  outfit, because I think it's still a very relaxed one. I love the combination of colours - green and brown - it gives that warm feeling of autumn. Dammit, it's summer.. Okay, but well hope you like my outfit and let me know what you think! I hope the weather will be better soon, because I love to go outdoors without a coat and long pants :)
jeans - zara , top - isis , coat - sting , boots - sendra , bag - steve madden , bracelets - random (arm party)


Can't get them off my mind

I'm talking about the most gorgous shoes ever (well not forever, but I do like them a lot!) , the JC líta's. I've been thinking about buying these for such a long time and now they're on sale.. So you understand my hesitation? No, don't you?
I'm quite tall so that would be the main reason on not buying. I do wear heels more often lately but I still struggle with my height. On the other hand, I'm not shrimping and they are a good investment. They're on sale for 150 euros which I think is a very good deal for the JC's. So please girls, help me..
Go for the investment or for the hesitation? It's not like I have a lot of money, but I still think I would be wearing them a lot.
I make it so damn hard for myself, aren't I?

At the moment

Wearing my crochet shorts by h&m. Purchased this last year and they're so cute. Happy to be wearing them a lot this coming summer!

Serious.. are you fricking kidding me?

When you're looking at the following pictures.. yeah they're weird, that might notices you. I have to confess something: I AM weird. And I don't mind! I hope you all know that this blog is about my life and what interests me and stuff and that I love to make silly pictures of random things.
I just came back from school after making 2 tests and was in kind of a funny mood. I have to learn all day so these things cheer me up a bit, I guess (?).
Why be serious when the world is so messed up? You have to keep the fun in your life and don't take everything so serious, because otherwise you'll only feel blue.
Sometimes you just have to laugh or make a funny face :)
What's your spirit of life? XoXO nina


That mood, you know?...

I'm in that mood that I miss everything from the past years. My mum and dad being together, my brother and sister living at home.. All of these things have also brought good things, but I still miss it. When I feel like this I just wanna crawl into my bed and watch tv.
Always feeling better when I see pictures from when I was younger and pictures of the last couple of years.

Love my sister <3

See-through ring

My mum gave me this ring last week. She was cleaning up and found it. She never got the chance to wear it herself and she was sure I loved it, so she gave it to me. She was right, I ADORE it. The ring is so perfect for spring and summertime. Nice painted nails, brown hands and just a cute dress with sandals/ converse.
disclaimer: ignore my horrible nails... have to put nailpolish on them but can't find the time..

27 march 2012

Hello loves, have you seen my armparty? I love this trend, because off all the spring colours together. For me it's just learning today (like everyday this week). What are your plans? Gonna enjoy the sun aswell? Hope you have a great day
Xoxo me

Arm party


OOTD: first day with bare legs!

Oh, this weather makes me so happy! Hope you like my outfit of today, felt a little like a cowgirl. A fancy cowgirl! Xoxo Nina

Dress - h&m , denim jacket - gap , boots - sendra , necklace - kixa , bracelet - random , watch - guess


Sunny sunday

Woke up and was very tired and stressed. Do not know why exactly, but wasn't nice to wake up with... Today i just have to learn. ALL DAY long. My testweek is starting this monday and i hate testweeks. They are so hectic and i just can not handle it.
For now me and mum are gonna have breakfast in the sun and then im gonna learn in the sun. Well trying to of course.. What are your plans for the day? Xoxo

By the way, look at my empty closet!



Denim jacket - Guess , Jeans - h&m , blouse & bandeau top - h&m , flats - out of Antwerp , bag - modemusthaves , bracelets - random ,sunglasses - h&m