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I think you all remember the smart people with the big backpacks in the strangest colours and the biggest sizes. You have them from all brands, in every colour and every size. I remember that when I went to highschool I was buying my school stuff and that I bought a pink backpack. Everyone had it so I wanted one to. Eventually I used it for one week and then put it in the back of my wardrobe.
On my opinion the backpack is turning fashionable again, not my pink backpack obviously though it is very handy! No, the leather backpacks from Chanel for example. They are so classy and so beautiful that I want to have one in my closet. Maybe not to use just to know that I own one of those amazing vintage Chanel backpacks! People want to be seen with it again!
What do you think about them?

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  1. i love your blog,
    smokeallnight from tumblr