My life, shortly

This is harder than I though, describing myself. But I want you to know me so that you can enjoy my posts more and tell me about the things you like and the things you don't like about it. Lets start!

My name is Nina and I'm 14 years old, I live in Holland in a city close to Antwerpen(love that city!). There I live with my mother and no longer my father. They're in a divorce which makes things really hard for me but I'm fine, haha. My brother and sister are at university so I see them not so often.

I'm still on highschool in the highest level and that goes pretty good! I can't concentrate on a subject to long because then I'm bored and start doing other things, like planning my outfit and dream away!

Why I started this blog? Because I love to express my emotions in the way I dress. I'm not a person who shows her emotions very quick and easily, even not to my friends but fashion helps me a bit. Some people may like my style and some don't but it doesn't matter because I'm me and no one can change that! 

When I'm older I want to be a fashion journalist in America. I want to study in New York City at NYU and study fashion journalism. I love to write stories which goes quickly for me.

My friends mean the world to me, I can't imagine a life without them, though I love to be alone sometimes. 

Sorry for the long story.. Do you have questions? Leave a comment and I'll answer!

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