Redoing my room

I've been thinking about changing my room for a very long time. I discuss it almost every month with my mother and every time we're planning to do it but it never comes to the actual plan. My room is already painted more than a half a year ago, from hard pink to light brown.
I want to show you guys this inspirational room tour on youtube and tell me what do you think about them, do you have a nice room or do you want to change it?
I personally love the room of Blair(Juicystar07), it's so amazing and so big and so organized, I love it! --> maybabytumbler --> hayleyistcb --> macbarbie07> juicystar07


  1. i'm sorry but a few weeks ago you post your look for the day and then I saw a beautiful top, of the brand fornarina i think? My question is for how much you bought it? its so nice and beautiful! and just apart I want it to, if it's not that expensive xxxxx

  2. Thank you so much, I love it too, the material is amazing and the detailing too. It wasn't that cheap, it's 80 euros but it's so unique and so amazing! Xoxo