Safe home!

Hello sunshines!
How are you? How is the weather in your country?
Last night around 3 o'clock I came home, tired as hell because of the long journey but I was home, and safe. This week was amazing, I'm totally relaxed and I'm craving for another week in France, but well school starts on monday..
Now I'm going to shower and dress up and then hit my bike to go to my friend. We'll talk soon,


  1. how was it in France babe?
    Can you post some pictures and things you bought there? that would be really nice!x

  2. It was amazing, I've been in that place before but it seemed more beautiful this time. The weather was awesome and it was just perfect. :)
    yes I'll do it later this day, though I only bought 3 things.. A magical thing haha xoxo