A clothing dilemma for nothing!

Concert at Sea was cancelled because of the bad weather! Such a bummer... But well we tried to make something nice of the weekend even without the concert and that came out fine. We sat outdoors, ate fries and watched a lot of movies! A diffrent occupation but well, it was really nice too!
I even rode to my friend's house to help her with picking out clothes and she helped me, haha such fun.
So what I'm wearing today:)
Blouse - Of my friend
Jeans - Andy Warhol
Rings - Forever 21, vintage
Watch - Geneva
Earrings - Fake chanel


  1. I love your jeans. Do you also wear them to school?

  2. Thank you a lot!!:) Yes I do, of course not every week but I do, haha. It took some courage and some people judged me hardly but well they're just too cool for them, my pants

  3. Ahh how come, but I can't see in the picture is it just blue or shining?

  4. because they found it strange that I wore something like that, haha. Shining!