Juicy Couture contest!

Omg girls, I'm so excited about writing this post!! I love to share this with you, so lets get started.

Juicy Couture is having a contest, what do you need to do?
Go to their website here, then choose which Juicy Couture personality you are and write a motivation about the personality that suits you and maybe a couple of reasons. You can do it trough Facebook, Twitter and your blog so you can even choose.
The two best reasons on Facebook, Twitter and the blogs will win, and the price, oh my I love it: a kit containing a juicy couture bag, a piece of jewellery, an extra charm and a completely doftkit which contains the most amazing Juicy Couture beauty products!!
The contest ends on the 5th of july and will be pronounced at the 20th of july so go to this website now and participate!
Much love,

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