Love the detailing

I love the detailing of some clothing items, I love to look at it and explore how it's been made. For example, this jumper what I'm wearing. You think it's cotton, but there are all these little holes in the fabric, and no it's not because I burned them in or scratched myself.

Also the jumper has this cute little bow on the left side, when I first bought it I didn't even see! Don't know if this match of the jumper tucked in the high waisted skirt is a good combination.. What do you think?
Jumper - Pulls and Bears
Skirt - Zara
Legging - H&M
Ear cuff - Etsy
Earring - Six
Watch - Guess
Silver jewellery - Random

Lately I've been expermenting with some eyeshadow, the picture is a bit crappy but it looked very nice:)


  1. beauty that you are!

  2. ah you're so nice! Show yourself:D

  3. Haha how? I don't have a blog hihi xo

  4. this name is already nicer! I like emotions, I'm a bit of a retard in that kind of things...

  5. I think you're such a nice girl! X

  6. Ahh all those compliments make me blush! But thank you a lot:D I like you too though I can't see you haha

  7. Haha well, i want to show myself but how I can do that haha? X

  8. Uhm, do you have tumblr?