Outfit today + new help

So lets start with my outfit of the day! I got my inspiration from Seventeen magazine but I'll talk about that later! So my outfit is a bit boho/ navajo. I really like the Indian style, so I'm wearing a purple shirt from America Today and beneath a black top from Zara. My vest is from The Sting (on the vest there are little stones, it's so cute!). I'm wearing my levi's jeans with purple 'all stars' from Shubar. Also I'm wearing my Guess watch, dreamcatcher and feather necklace, a random bracelet and a black leather belt from Tuff.

So now discuss my new help, which is super easy and I'm sure a lot of people already do this but I just discovered it, haha. Get your inspiration of magazines! Of course that's nothing new, and that's what magazines are for, entertain, enjoy and fashion and beauty help. But this issue where I get my inspiration from is so super handy! It's the september issue 2010 from Seventeen magazine, and seriously they've made whole looks and you can just adjust the whole thing. There's a huge back-to-school issue in it, so that you come back to school in new clothing and a new style etc. Today I got my inspiration from the Navajo look as you can see beneath. 
Girls, really this is so super handy so if you still have this issue at home, use it!!
Just a random thing :)

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