Saturday guys, the week went so quick!!

Omg, this week went so quick, I just closed my eyes for a while and then it's friday. Well, of course not really but it feels like that!
I haven't even told you jet, but tomorrow I'm going to this huge concert at sea (that's why the name of the concert is Concert At Sea:P) with my daddy and a friend. We got free tickets, and we're sitting in the VIP space and we're getting a huge dinner over there.
Also, some of my favourite Dutch artist are there, like Ilse de Lange, Anouk and Blof! And... The Baseballs! I think that's so cool, haha.
I hope the weather will be good, though they predicted not but well they also said today is going to be blurry but the sun is shining!
Here are 2 pictures of the concert,

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