Videoclip Katy Perry's last friday night(T.G.I.F)

So first let me tell you something, I am obsessed with Katy Perry! Not because she sings so amazing but I  just love how she is so crazy and being herself and just, yeah that she is Katy, haha.. And now this new music video of her song Last friday Night (T.G.I.F.), it is back in the 80's which you can tell of the neon coloured clothes, jewellery etc. and the big glasses (though people in this time wear that too). Katy's alter ego Kathy Beth Terry transforms into this hot babe with those tight clothing and suddenly the hot dude likes her a lot. You just have to watch this, it's so funny. It even mentions all the names of the people who accompanied, just like a real video. Watch it and entertain yourselves!

Rebecca Black is also in this video, if you want to know!

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