Disney girl turned into tattoo girl?

Demi Lovato is what I'm talking about! I know how much I loved Camp Rock when it came out, even though most parts were very fake.
I was suprised about how many disney actors had a purity ring or -necklace or something like that. It looked like they had to have that otherwise no disney contract (i doubt that Miley Cyrus haven't had sex jet and c'mon why wouldn't she have it. It's part of your damn teenage years and it's supposed to be part of your love life).
I was watching the new song of Demi Lovato called skyscraper which is an amazing and beautiful song. Demi looks amazing, like she never was in rehab which is also a strange story for me.. But I saw 2 tattoos on her hand and I was so suprised! She has still a contract with Disney I thought but well...
I like the tattoos, because I never expected Demi to have them. She once told that she wouldn't kiss a boy in a movie if he wasn't her boyfriend, but was that also a Disney trick?
Tell me what you think of tattoos and if you like hers!

And her new song:

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