Oh shia.. Beautiful man!

Shia Labeouf, gorgous man, great actor and so so cute! Selena Gomez thinks the same as all us girls, she's also just a noral 18-year old girl, you know.
Her crew told her a fan wanted to meet her but they didn't tell her it was Shia, haha. When she saw him she only could giggle, how cute right?
And the funniest thing is that there is a video of it, watch yourself:

If i could ever meet him, omg i would hug him and take lots of pictures! And you? :)


  1. first i didnt like him so much... but its unbelievable how the appearance of people change, simply because they have cool characters! he is really charismatic!

  2. Same here, haha! He's so cute......

  3. This is amazing, I wanna see more of you so I'll follow!
    follow bck? :*

  4. Oh my I love him! He was in Berlin for the Premiere of Transformers 3 and some of my friends got to meet him! He is such a lovely guy in person.
    Love Lois xxx