I feel bad..

I got a comment from a lovely girl saying she's missing my posts and yeah I'm missing blogging too.
It's easy to say for me: i'm struggling with my emotions, I'm mentally not perfect at the moment. Perhaps not a good excuse but yeah that's whaddup.
Tomorrow I'll be home again so time for blogging. I've really missed it and I've noticed it's just a part of my daily life. I love blogging and being in contact with you guys.
I hope you don't blaim me too much..
For now, just a random picture for something random!
Lots of love Nina


  1. Awh sweety! I'm so sorry for you!
    What happend that you're mentall not good?
    if there is anything that I can do for you ?

  2. You're too sweet baby girl, I'm gonna be okay but it takes time I guess. My parents are in a divorce and its not getting any better. There is no progress or just any communication. Its hard to be between them cuz I love them both so much.. Thanks for offering but ill be okay. I'm just too happy that I have followers like you!!

  3. Aw that's so hard! I know how you feel right now!
    2 years ago I had the samen thing! And now I'm just living by my mom and at vacations I go to my father! It's just a hard thing! But everything will be allright babe!

  4. Thank you my darling <3 I hope you're okay too!

  5. Noo dont fee bad! you are so good!