Today it's exactly 10 years ago, which feels so weird. How could this ever happen.. I was only 5 when it happened but I realised that there was something bad going on. Bless the people who've made it and rest in peace for the people who didn't survive this awful incident..


  1. mygod nina, you used to be post everyday, otfit of the day and things that just happend in your wonderful life! and now not much :( and IMISSYOURPOSTS! everyday i check your blog but every day i'm dissapointed that there's not new (sorry for my bad englisch!) loves!!!!

  2. Ah girl i feel bad really trust me. When i get messages like this i keep telling myself ill post everyday but im so busy.. I know its not an excuse but really i have so much things on my mind! Ill tell everytbing tomorrow and then ill post again, i have to! X