New UGG's

You probably don't know it, because I've been neglecting blogging a bit lately (not because of all of you but just because life is hectic and it's hard to keep up with everything..).
My sister is with her boyfriend and with my grandmother visting family in America(!!!!!!!!!!) and oh they're having the time of their lives! My sister and her bf are staying at my cousin and her husband and my grandmother at her sister-in-law. My cousin seems like such an amazing person, even after what she's been trough. Lots of respect for my family. Hoping to see them in real life really fast!!!
But my sister is doing some shopping for me, I've gave her money and she bought a lot of clothes (lots of nice ones, at F21 for example... damn love that store!). Also she bought new UGGS for me and girls
Colour : Nopal
Size: Short

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