3 summers ago I went to Bali with my family. My mum, dad, brother, sister, sister of my dad and my dad's mum. My grandma is an Indonesian woman and was born in Java, Jakarta. We went to Bali though, because of her own personal reasons.

For me it was a trip I will never forget. I love the culture in Indonesia and I really like how everything works their. I would love to even live there! It also meant a lot to me, because my parents were still together. I still enjoy thinking about those times and understand that it really was the right choice, the ones of my parents but that I should not forget the good times.
The picture shows a bridge close to the rice fields which we visited. I'm standing at front and behind me the guide, my brother and my dad stand. Loving the picture :)

Btw: does any of my readers live in Indonesia? Would love to know.

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