Friday the 11th of november

I know, I'm posting this one week later. I have an explanation.. My laptop's battery isn't broken but on some way it doesn't functionate the way it has to. So sometimes my adapter falls out of my laptop and then I put it in but there's no reaction. I really can't explain how and why because I don't know, but I'm trying to live with it. So that's the reason I'm sometimes not posting a day or two. Just because my laptop is totally dead..

So that friday I had a dinner at my dad's work and my sister and I were also invited. We dressed up nicely and put our heels on (our daddy is really tall so we can wear them with him and we're not longer, loving it!!).
The food was so nice, it was all organic but so delicious. I ate things I've never eaten before!
There was a cute girls band who played but after that my fav' Dutch band were giving a private concert! I was so so so thrilled about it and it was amazing.
I can't explain how much I've enjoyed it and my dad was so happy that we had so much fun. Me and my sister even had to give them the flowers and I got 3 kissed from the leadsinger + drummer. Yeah I feel kinda lucky :D
If you're not dutch you probably don't know the band, but damn I love them!

Blouse, episode // Shorts, Levi's // Bag, Random // Tights, V&D // Earrings, Hema //
I was also wearing my Nelly heels

                                                             A perfect night to remember 

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