I'm so loving..

Akward! Every sunday at 7 pm I swith to MTV so me and my mum can watch Akward. And yeah we eat on the couch while watching :)
The part that not everybody in the serie is perfect makes it much more reasonable and realistic. I can't stand (well I love Gossip Girl, so no offence!) when the characters are perfect. Perfect hair, skin, face etc. It makes me wanna change myself but I can't. I feel unpowered. It's not that I'm not happy with myself but when I see characters like that I think it's normal to be so perfect. And of course it's not...
The girl playing Jenna is so neutral and so damn funny. Matty is unbelievable cute and so is Jake. I've found my newest addiction.. 
First I have to wait for season 2, so excited!
Do you have a fav' serie?

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