Outfit of the day: put your collar up!

Today I had only 4 lessons, really felt like I should have stayed home. I went into the city to buy a present for my mum and it actually is really nice, really looking forward to this weekend! 
My outfit is really casual but with a twist of decently. That last part because of the blouse and then the V-neck sweater above. Really liking this style though!
If you want to see what I'm wearing further, click on the button below
ps. my jeans does look black, but it's green!!

// Blouse, h&m // sweater, h&m // jeans, zara // necklace, random // rings, random // ear cuff, Etsy // belt, amtrack //


  1. Wat een gave oorbel/cuff!

  2. Leuk hè! Maar 8 euro, echt prima :)