Outfit of the day

Holland has been covered in fog the last 4 days. It's really beautiful and to imagine that you're walking and doing things in clouds is such a weird idea. It's also very scary, because I always bike to school on my own and I'm always afraid some creepy men are behind trees to grab me and take me with them.. Of course that's just bullshit but yeah I'm a bit frightened!

Today I used our Nikon to make some pictures of my outfit, I hope you can see the diffrence, do you? I have a lot on my wishlist for this year's santa claus, one thing I'm gonna tell: I'm asking a very good digital camera. Not just a pocket camera (yeah also) but the quality has to be perfect! I don't want a big one like we have at home, though it's pretty amazing, I want a simple but very high quality camera. Probably the newest one from Samsung (what I'm gonna show in the next post). So you can probably expect better pictures any time soon!

Blazer, F21 // Sweater dress, Ichi // Legging, h&m trend // necklace, h&m // earrings, random // cross bracelet, six //


  1. Ben echt gek op die ketting, zou hem het liefst elke dag dragen! Dat je zoiets bij de H&M kunt krijgen.. geniaal!!

  2. Ik ook, echt zo àmazing hè!