Todays Outfit: Sorry but I'm the queen

Came home from hockey, totally frozen and I couldn't even feel my toes and fingers. This weather drives me so crazy, I hate winter. I like the scarfs and the sweaters but I prefer summer. No panties, no thick vests and just cute summer clothing. So today I was looking in my sister's room...

She still has a lot of clothes at home, so perfect for me to steal some.. She said I can have everything , but well I think she's not being serious! Okay back to the point, I picked up this really awesome shirt with ' Sorry I'm the queen' on it and the Chanel-inspired vest. I like the classy feel to it and the idea that it's just from Primark! 
Tonight my friend is celebrating her 16th birthday for real, so dinner at hers and just cosy talking and drinking. Not going out after that, feeling like a night at home with the tv on..  
And do you have plans for tonight?

// Skirt, h&m // panty, bijenkorf // shirt, zara // vest, primark // salamander ring, primark // further rings, h&m, random and market in Spain //

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