Zhob, nelly heels

My new heels from Nelly came in last week. I was only so excited when I saw the box, but even more when I opened it and saw these gorgous pair of shoes appearing.
They're exactly the same as the JC''s but as I told before much cheaper and the material is not that good. It's plastic instead of leather and the heel is from I don't know what instead of wood. But still liking it!
Doesn't have to be the best immediately, it takes time :)
20 euros mmm.


  1. Love them, you should definitely wear them (to school?) tomorrow!XXXX

  2. They're gorgous, right? Probably will wear them to dinner on friday, will make some pics xxx

  3. Not to school? I think everybody must see them, the're lovely!XXX

  4. I'm really tall so don't feel comfortable walking next to my friends and being so tall. Like having longer legs and the femine touch but no not to school:(