Cambridge Satchel, ♥

I have a big obsession with bags, but I'll probably not be the only girl who's obsessed with bags. Although men don't understand why a woman needs more than 1 bag, we girls do. A bag finishes the whole outfit. It makes it much cooler or chic (the choice is on you). 
On my blog you don't see my bags that often, don't have an explanation why I don't.. but trust me: I have a lot of bags..

The cambridge satchel is a bag that I just need to have. It's super stylish and I think this completes an outfit. My favourite is from the neon collection and then especially the yellow and the orange. I am a person who doesn't wear a lot of colours in winter. So when you have a neon coloured satchel it's so giving that colour touch that you forget the outfit is all black. 
Don't know if you're following me but yes I'm saving for a cambridge satchel!

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  1. Great blog and pics:)
    Kisses from New York:)