How is your christmas? Nice with family? Mine has been wonderful! Christmas night we went to friends in Rotterdam and we cooked together. It was all delicious and really enjoyed seeing my friend again and her family and other friends. Afterwards we went into a bar and drank some and danced. I slept in Rotterdam and had a really nice christmas breakfast.

The first day of christmas (it was today) I went to my father's family. My cousin arranged everything and it was truly amazing. We don't have a really big family but we're all really close. I have wonderful little cousins but also big cousins, haha. I love the girlfriends of my cousins, they're so beautiful and I am really glad they're part of my family.
It was a very weird feeling my mum wasn't there, because she's part of my family but of course not of thems anymore. Also my sister and her boyfriend broke up and my brother was sick so we were only with 3 persons. I missed them all..
Tomorrow to my mother's family and will be nice too, I guess.
Busy busy, now off to sleep! XOXO

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