last week


Had a really short day of school and that will be until the end of the week. My holiday is so close, I really can't wait. Egypt is coming so closely and I'm so thrilled about it. I was looking trough pictures from my last holidays and it feels such a long time ago. It feels like I'm not supposed to live here in Holland, I can't stand cold and snow and rain. Snow is fun for a couple of days but then it annoys me!!

Tomorrow I have to redo a literature test so have been learning all day, I think I'm going to make it pretty good but I have to otherwise my grade will only drop more and more.. ouch..
And.. after a long time I finally went to the hairdresser!! So proud of myself..
 I hate them, they always cut off too much and never listen to what I say. Fortunately, this one time they did it perfect, it's healty again and still long. My mum on the other hand, they totally screwed up! They made her too blond so she looks like she wants to be younger than she is and she doesn't have that intention.
Poor mamma

Me now, zero concentration. I love Photobooth

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