My dreams

A picture that made me think. A simple picture. You think, it's 'just' some pair of prada heels. Of course really gorgous ones, but it's just a pair of heels.
For me it isn't. For me this picture stands for wealth and health and make your life succesful. Women who wear these make an impression on me. They earned the money to buy this, to have the ability to buy these. Or their husband is rich..
When I see pictures like this, of really beautiful brand shoes, it makes me realise what I wanna do with my life. I want to have the money to buy these. Not worrying about the amount of money on my money account. Just live the life and enjoy everything to the fullest. 
Maybe I'm exaggerating, but when I see this I want to become a very succesful fashion journalist paired with freelance stylist. I'll have an appartment in New York City and find an amazing guy who happens to be the perfect one. No need to search further, it feels good. When we're ready we'll have kids, gorgous kids who are so sweet.
That's why I call pictures like this ( of beautiful clothes, shoes etc.) inspirational pictures.
I hope I have this too one day. I hope my really stubborn character works some day, so that because of this stubborness I will reach it.
This is my dream and I'm not going to let it be ruined by anyone!

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