Yeah that's how I'm spending my friday night..

Omg omg omg this series of books are just AMAZING. I've started to read them in the summer holidays and I fell in love with them when I read the first page.
It's about Rose Hathaway, who is a dhampir. In the moroi world it means she becomes a guardian. A guardian to protect the Moroi. The Moroi are the good vampires. The Strigoi are the bad ones, who want to kill the Moroi and who drink human blood and kill them.
Rose wants to be the guardian of Vasalia Dragomir, also called Lissa. Rose is shadow-kissed. She has been brought back to life by Lissa. She can look into Lissa's head.

I know.. it sounds difficult. But it's so amazing! I'm almost done with the last book: the last sacrifice. That's how I'm spending my friday night........

A good book, nice food and my tv.



  1. waar heb je de boeken gekocht? lees je ze in het nederlands?

  2. Heb ze gekocht op en nee lees ze n het Engels. Is erg goed te doen!