Good afternoon sunshines,

Had a very relaxed day at school, sat almost the whole day outside. Trying to keep up my tan which is totally faded. Love the jumper I'm wearing today, because of the wintery colours but it is perfect for summer! Also I have a question for you guys,
I've done it before though, so just tell me what you think. Sometimes when I post a lot of pictures I add the '' read more here '' thingy, but I like it better when you can see everything immediately. Are you agreeing on this with me or do you like the button more, because it's not that messy?
Curious :) Have a great day left, xoxo
jumper - forever 21 , shorts - levi's , bag - modemusthaves , converse all star , watch - guess , necklace -modemusthaves , rings - random 

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