My precious

When you  follow my blog for quite some time (well in general, because I've stopped blogging for like 10 times I guess?) you know I have a Tumblr blog. I've been obsessed with Tumblr since the age of 13 , I guess. It was the perfect combination of escaping my life and get inspired by all those amazing pictures and persons on there. It felt like I had friends, friends who lived far away though, but I had friends. 
I've been neglecting blogging and Tumblr for over a year now, I think. I've apoligized for several times, but I never kept my promise of being active again. I regret it so much.. My big passion is/ was writing and sharing my thoughts on here. It's like my own little (online) diary. When I'm sad or lonely or when I experience any other unhealthy thought, I look into my archive and watch all of my old posts. The pictures are the worst, my writing style couldn't been more bad, but  I enjoyed blogging.
I don't know why I'm writing this nor if it interests you, if there's any you out there who still likes to read my posts, but I'm truly sorry. I know I let some of my followers done and I feel really bad about that. 
You would give me a blast, if you would leave me a comment below and would tell me if you'd like me to go on blogging. It's not like my choice is depending on that, but it would give me some extra motivation I think..

Loves and hugs Nina

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  1. I'll always read your blog (: xx