Kate Moss her wedding!

Yes girls, it's true, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince got married last week. I don't know the guy but I do know that they really seem to be in love, which is amazing! Kate deserves a guy like him, if he's that good that I think he is..
Kate's dress is designed by John Galliano and she wore shoes from Manolo Blahnik. They had 15 brides maids including Kate's daughter, Lila Grace.
Kate looks so amazing on all these pictures, I haven't seen her this happy for a very long time. Also she looks much healthier than she has in a long time, is it the illness of love?:)
I have always been dreaming about the perfect wedding, I've been bride maid 2 times and it felt great. I already know what kind of dress I'm going to wear, what shoes etc.. I know it will be a very long time before I get married, but why not dream about it? As long as you remember it's not reality (jet) everythings okay.
Do you also dream about your perfect wedding?