Midsummer day

It was a perfect day, not too hot not too cold. Helped my friend out with the musical of the little kids, so applied make-up and stuff, such fun! Then we went unhealthy, McDonalds!!
I just wore my jeans but rolled the pipes a bit up which lookes kind of preppy but nice. It's just a little bit different than just jeans. Also I was wearing some  brown cloggs beneath.
Jeans - levi's
Top - Zara
Watch - Guess
Bracelets - India and Turkey
Bag - Fris and Company


  1. Did you went to Turkey? I'm from turkey but I live in London
    Haha and are you going on vacation this year? X

  2. I love your top :D

  3. Nice blog and post. Photos are great! Look at mine too maybe follow each other ? :)

  4. @ Aleyna,
    yes 5 times but got mine from a friend:). Really? I love turkey and London haha.. Yes! 2 weeks of Spain hihi and you?

  5. hihi I love Turkey toooo :)
    to which place you went?
    Aw nice, i'm going to America! xxx

  6. i love the mixture of culture and the nice people. Most of the people work so hard and they never complain!
    I've been to Bodrum, Antalya and some other place which I don't remember.. Bodrum is so cute, I love it! Which place are you from?
    Amazing, which part of it? I've been to America 3 times so maybe I can give you some advice:)

  7. My parents are from Istanbul, but when I go to Turkey, I go to Izmir! hihihi, This year I go to Miamiii, woooow 3 times is so much! XXX

  8. Ah I wanna go there so badly.... Omg I love Miami! Do you also go to Disneyworld in Orlando? Go to the outlets! In almost every city there are outlets. Shoes for much cheaper and Ralph Lauren is so cheapp!

  9. Aw thanks for your advice I'll definitly doo! Thank you so much and have fun in Spain! X