Can't get them off my mind

I'm talking about the most gorgous shoes ever (well not forever, but I do like them a lot!) , the JC líta's. I've been thinking about buying these for such a long time and now they're on sale.. So you understand my hesitation? No, don't you?
I'm quite tall so that would be the main reason on not buying. I do wear heels more often lately but I still struggle with my height. On the other hand, I'm not shrimping and they are a good investment. They're on sale for 150 euros which I think is a very good deal for the JC's. So please girls, help me..
Go for the investment or for the hesitation? It's not like I have a lot of money, but I still think I would be wearing them a lot.
I make it so damn hard for myself, aren't I?


  1. Ik zeg doen! zo'n kans komt niet vaker langs en ze zijn echt facking vet!