Prom 2013

This is probably way too late, but I just couldn't ignore my prom of this year. I don't know if you follow my blog for longer than a year or at least even read it on a daily base. Hard to tell, because I've been ignoring blogging for the past couple of months.. but ok. Back to my story.
So well, last year I had my first prom and I loved it. The dressing-up part I liked most: going to the hairdresser, doing my nails, doing my make-up and of course putting on my dress. Last year I had this extremely gorgous dress from Nelly, but this year I wanted something different. Way different... A shocking but beautiful blue coloured dress got my eye. Not a random dress, a way one of a kind piece. It looks like the typical American prom dresses which you see in all the chickflicks movies and the girly movies with an happy ending. But well, I fell in love and just had to have it and even my mum agreed so we bought it instantly, not thinking that it was more than half a year before my actual prom would be. At least no last-minute stress I guess! 
So yeah my dress was in and my prom was already amazing. It was. My prom 2013 was amazing and I enjoyed it a lot. Just a night to not forget and cherish with me forever, because we are only young once and you have to do it right the first time. I'm really into 'live for the moment' quotes, because you really don't know when life stops or when it fucks you, to be rude. So let's live, day by day and cherish every single moment you have in life. Although you are feeling blue and down, there comes a point when life shines bright on you and supports you in your decisions. It's all about making the good decisions and being who you are. I believe my readers are amazing persons who can handle the world in every aspect. You just have to be strong and not be taken down by stupid persons and negative thoughts.
 Life is an opportunity to develop your greatest inner strength.

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